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Real ninety three new home for hip hop and be twenty eight twenty nine twenty I was going down man. We speaking on who shouldn't? Collaborate and it doesn't have to be this and this you know what I'm saying Could be whoever but. Hit us up man who shouldn't collaborate eight six six two four six eight nine. Two three this green tea Te'o halo Hello. Good morning Good morning Teo who. Shouldn't collaborate Away with anybody from cash money Lil Wayne with. Anybody, from cash money now why would you say Lil Wayne with anybody don't collaborate with anyone from cash money besides a baby The you. Know the court there's some? He doesn't mean nobody don't need Drako Niki nobody gonna make the Carter six independently go, ahead now and absolutely no collaboration and it's been a. Minute you know what I'm saying as far as. Like. Since. We had a body of work from. Lil, Wayne and you you just want a body of? Work from Lil Wayne that's all Lil Wayne who need to collaborate with. No, okay you said no one from cash money now anyone else or or just no one at all Man Oh, man Lil Wayne Eminem, collaboration already but we're saying should collaborate Lil Wayne with absolutely no one from. Cash money so y'all hate us up, eight, six, six, two, four, six, eight, nine two three who, should collaborate hit, us. Up man you'll chance to be going. Big, boy.

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