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11 53 as we close in on the hour lunchtime commune is Kevin and I are apt to say super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Did they clear the crash? They did. They did the expressway. Dorthe found those still seeing these residual delays from Savin Hill in the Dorchester Yacht Club. Now, most of the way up into the O'Neill tunnel from that earlier crash, and again, it's going to take a little bit more time for this to ease out south bound so far so good. Nice ride down to the brain tree split to get on Route three South bound. You gotta tap of the breaks into that Derby Street lane dropped Then you're looking pretty good. All the way down with sag. More bridge if you are heading to or from the cape right now, Sagamore and born bridges are in pretty good shape over reign And we got a van off the road here, causing slowdowns on that ramp from 4 95 south to 24 south. So be careful there you come on. Come upon it pretty quickly up in Beverly Won 28 South bounds tied up approaching the roadwork after Route one, eh? Here in Beverly. And if you're heading 93 North found you're looking pretty good, leaving the city of past 4 95 and over the New Hampshire border, but then expect delays here in Windham, New Hampshire, slow approaching the left lane work zone here after Exit three with the right late, also closed there to remove a truck that went off the road earlier this morning. This report is sponsored by news Nation on w G N America Facts, Not Opinions News, Not Talk. Finally, a national newscast on prime time that makes you think, but not how to think. Watch news Nation Every night at 87, Central on W G N America, Check your local listings. It's your news your Nation. Kevin Brennan. W busies traffic on the threes. Weekend weather looking nice details with deep Samuel Reston Today we'll have clouds mixing with some sunshine. Your high 65 degrees Pretty nice afternoon coming our way. Clouds and fog returned tonight. Well below 54 4 Tomorrow Another cloudy,.

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