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You always doing something. Great by my opinion came on the pulse of morning by my angelou. A rock a river. A tree hosts two species long since departed mocked the mastodon dinosaur. Who left dried tokens of this on john here on planet floor any bortolami of their hastening doom and the lost of the gloom of the dust in ages. But today the rock lies out to us. Clearly and forcefully come you may stand upon my back and face your distant destiny but seek no haven in my shadow. I will give you no hiding place down here. You created only a little lower than the angels crouch too long. In the bruising darkness have laid to long face down in ignorance your mouth spilling words on fa slaughter. The rock cries out to us. Today you may stand upon me but do not hide your face so it is definitely a heck of a poem and a a pretty Pretty smart one for inauguration. Just this is one of my poems. Like by maya angelou is a personal favorite of mine because it is a perfect example. We're talking about when somebody can write so much about their personal lives and about the black culture and about racism about society in general and then still right things that universal dagan reach the rest of us still bringing on board. This one's called still i rise you. You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt but still like dust. I'll rise does my sassy nece upset you why you beset with gloom. 'cause i walk like i've got all wells pumping in my living room. Like moons and length sons with certainty of tides just like hope suspending high still. I rise did you want to see me. Broken bowed head and lowered is still this falling down. I tear drops. Weakened in my cli- full myself full cries. Does my hardiness offend you. Don't you take it awfully hard. 'cause i laugh like i got gold mines digging in my backyard. You may shoot me. What your words. You may cut me with your eyes. You may kill me with your hateful. Nece but still like air. I rise does my sexiest upset you to come as a surprise to identify. I got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs are the huts of history. Shame i rise up from a past rooted in pain. I rise. I'm black ocean leaping and wide whiling and swelling. I bear in the tide leaving the knights of terror and fear. I rise into a daybreak. That's wonderfully clear. I rise bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave i am.

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