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London care system. A good example of is the world's roseland which is one of the best you cafes among yes a couple of years shannon you guys coverage not too long ago They opened. They were initially pondering with one raised. And now the now punishable another one but they brand the coffee bags and low down During the city which is highly reliant on full. so they've been able to say Command a edgy. You can buy coffee online animals. Hey yeah interesting. What you're describing to me sounds quite a lot like maybe what. The landscape looked like in the states. Two years ago three years ago where there was the sort of breakdown of the old hierarchy of sort of the few very prominent roasters that had built a whole sort of culture about it in and there was a little bit of this race to be I'm the best such and such account in this region. Or i'm the best you know. We're the best this brand in denver or whatever there was sort of this thing about it And now we're sort of all the way through the looking glass on that and it feels like nearly every new cafe of which there is buzz and excitement and a growing fan. Base is roasting. There is resting their own coffee. Like it's it's remarkable how quickly it's turned and change and i think that there's cultural reasons for it. I think some of it is momentum. And that snowball rolling downhill thing. But i also think that there is a compelling financial model that's presented by the ability to either co row store do the sort of in-house micro staying Stuff that That makes sense for operators and those two things have combined to create to create this narrative. You know the one place. That's maybe a little bit immune to it has been somewhere like near city or los angeles and for different reasons near city. There's this crazy square footage density thing that makes it really still sort of make sense to do certain things..

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