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FM Talk in the triangle and news Talk. 94 5 wpt I in the triad. Looking at. All right? So we got some brain grave. Social Justice warriors Come in Florida. I'll tell you what's up with that here In just a moment. Let me grab this call on the Hillary Clinton political thriller role so excited about Joel, What's up? Hey, how are you, Casey? I'm good, sir. Good. Yeah. The first book had a couple of titles for your first one is Finding foster. Finding foster. I like that. All that's Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mm. And the second one is server down. Ever down. And, uh, as far as Mark Robinson goes, you're absolutely right. I'm a big guy myself and, uh, Have the same trouble and messages that you're spot on. So Keep up the good work cases populated All right. Appreciate it. Yeah. Yeah, you go If your rocket anything above a necks and some stores or a double X and you're not it like a big and tall you run into a situation where you gotta order it for you or there are some stores where you can go buy it. And sporting good stores were usually a pretty good place to get it, especially if you're trying to also portray an image is a gun guy, or, you know in every man, which Mark does because he that's that's him. Right. That was that was him. When this all started so anyway, 8889347874. Um Speaking of every man wrong with your video game characters name You mean big, big ums?.

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