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Of the most amazing dancers and I don't know that people talk about that an often her enough but she does a scene in nineteen fifty three in the movie The Bandwagon It's it's it's the to the song dancing in the dark antenna park and I mean this is about four minutes something like that and it is the most amazing three or four minutes on film choreography that went into this and it just looks smooth and effortless and all the steps that they did Just wow unbelievable. I'm Fred Fred. Astaire IS IN HIS FIFTIES SENATOR EARLY FIFTIES. And he's any with somebody that's in. Her twenties lied around. Yeah So that is of course I got to do my friend And I love. Your situation was marvelous. Wonderful I I loved it I did. They never like not like anyone else. She was wonderful she was Marva so he was amazing. He was one well. That's how that's how you do voices. I always tell people that in person not that there's people out there at home struggling to get the the new ones of Gene Kelly and Fred astaire and why don't you WanNa Know Gene Kelly and it's very very simple. All you have to do is just talk about Leslie. Caron Frank Sinatra. They were wonderful marvelous. Sounds like yeah I got it is? There is a little bit of Groucho even very New York in there. That's really a wonderful thing. It really is does. It's got a little bit graduate that she she was an amazing dancer and off detracted odd again. Yeah I could seen I have seen that My favorite dance number ever. Yes we kinda come to a close here wolf you last minute. This to me is is the most amazing dance I've ever seen. And it's from nine hundred forty one story weather stormy weather the Nichols brothers and cab calloway's doing jump jive and then they break into their dance and I don't know if you know this dance with trump on the piano. I do know this dance and I'm so glad that you did this. This was this was on my radar. I I wasn't sure I thought you know what I think he's GonNa pick it if you didn't say it. I was definitely going to mention it. Because the Nicholas Brothers those guys leg break dancers like they got nothing. No those guys were not him and I don't know what I don't know where they came from. I don't know what they were doing but you watch it in. Your like human beings can do this. It's so athletic. First of all the athleticism is it's crazy off the charts and and yet it really it. It's still graceful two at the same time. And you're like how they doing this. They're jumping on the going back and forth Jumping on you know where the people are playing the saxophone trumpets. They're they're jumping on their stance and then when they go up the big steps together and then they heat jump over each other on the staff. It's it it's unbelievable I I. I've watched I'm stunned every time I watch C. Every time yeah yeah now. I'm really glad you mentioned that because the I don't think that when they do like retrospectives that that that the Nicholas Brothers really are are mentioned. I think they wanNA was still alive just to a few years ago. Older of the brothers was younger. Brother passed away. It was Fayard in. I forget the other one yeah. They're they're unbelievable. Just anytime you get to see them on Film Day. They're just ridiculous. I mean Freddie Fred. Astaire was like they are incredible aide said he'd never seen any item unbathed dancers in you know sadly there during films at a time or African Americans are not appreciated. No and a talented in that film. Just the loan. That one movie Lena Horne Bill Robertson. Cab Calloway Yeah I forgot fats waller. And all three Nicholas Brothers Dooley Wilson who played the piano in Casablanca link. And then you have music by Harold Arlen Fats Waller. I mean Jimmy Hughes Bill. Rahm nods great stuff. Yeah there's some great music in there yet. Great great great characters actors. Yeah it's good stuff so yet my favorite dance. That's the top set for me Lawrence Berryman. You are the man. You crushed it. You went way beyond expectations. I'm very impressed. Your tone. Don't listen I don't give that up easily. I mean seriously you know I know I know you'll let me down again. And then another few traps. He'll say something that will just get under my skin but no you crushed it. These are great. These are great picks. Yeah I recommend all of these always movies and and you know I have to say like I do think that the the fact that they're so cheerful some of these it is probably a reflection of when they were made because it was either. They were made a lot of these musicals during the Great Depression certainly fred astaire and Ginger Rogers when they may shall We Dance? I mean that was during the Great Depression in the thirties and Buck privates is made in the early forty people are trying to avoid gets with the war. In musicals were help people during wartime. They needed stuff to cheer them up and he came in and upbeat. And honestly when I watch these things I mean. We're dealing with some pretty heavy stuff out there for a few minutes. I watch this stuff and I just was like. Oh God I love this forgotten. How great this was yeah. It's just so much fun to watch. It takes you away it really. Does it just puts you in a better place? And it's it's weird because we've talked about filming war and that was that started like in After World War Two we saw. We saw a lot of films made that were that were kind of dark. And and and you know the the musicals in late forties early fifties they were they just They were like if you WANNA dot still want to stay in that cheerful place. You could find. You could find those so I think these are great movies for People. Look at now. They're Real pick-me-up Salta and then fun to watch I would recommend the The that's payments for those. That are like me who don't sit through all the fluffy musicals you get the best parts and They're fun to watch so Yes hopefully this is the last one will do Laureus Fayette voices and as you saying. That is a thundering and raining outside my door. Yes time to perfectly so perfectly well time. Well listen. Thank you again for pushing me into this idea to get out of my comfort zone. It's good to do that. Excellent But beyond the lithgow because he wanted to be pushing you out of. Your Comfort Zone soon. Yes our Vokes. Ditches may very well be once again. We are brothers on the phone talking movies. Thanks for checking US out Checks facebook of course some of the older episodes apple podcasts. Spotify has up there and Yeah we'll take saves day inside and listen to brothers on the phone duck and movies. 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