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Just i mean there was something of the representation and the You know we were just talking like people who are not white men. Don't give those get those chances. And i think those chances need to be more like equally distributed but like i'm not opposed to that idea that people who are not of the cultures can't write about them i just don't think is interesting most of the time. I think it's just harder because you don't have that lived experience. You don't have that specificity. That comes with like deeply understanding. Something I until until the representation across these publishers is is even resembling something that is close to what it should be. I would i would say i'm opposed to it. I mean i agree with the general idea of like don mcgregor wrote or favorite black panther story. Jason aaron wrote a very specifically indigenous comic book scalped. Which i love. That book is a white guy. And i think that's a great book but it's doable. But the reason we keep seeing. It's doable is because they keep getting the bats anyway so to me it's like i am opposed to it in the again like you cannot pronounce expensive as the writer of black panther. Like if you're mobile you cannot do that and typically severe because of the the huge disappear Disparity in like hiring for so long right like if the hiring had always been more equitable throughout of history. Wouldn't be that big of a deal. I guess they're kind of talking on two different issues. Where like socially i want these jobs to become like the the writers writing black stories to be predominantly black and the writers writing asian. Asian like socially. I think those jobs should go to the people who have them philosophically. I think like a big large scale. I think anyone should be able to tell any story they want you know like on kind of the philosophy of art right. I don't think any story preface to that all things being equal. No right exactly. yes yes i just. I think that's the distinction that's important to me somewhat Of just nine being the inverse that is not Is not easy. Coach should not be writing. Captain america because you should. Oh yeah more versus is not also true. This is part of marble. Did not have a black female writer until twenty fifteen. I like that s- baffling to me right. And they had what like three black writers three black men writers from the eighties until the two thousand. Like very that's a accurate statistic that confounding. I don't know if that's true. I don't know about. I mean the black woman thing is true like the. I remember that coming up. Yeah that's true. i. I don't know how many black writers they had i mean. Christopher priest's is the big one. I don't know how many others they had a few few artists anywhere duffy. Reginald huddling hungry. That i can think of right away in..

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