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Power Slam Dot TV all right. Let's get into the rest of the matches on this card and let's start with. I mentioned this earlier NJ AF versus Shane Douglas with France seen <hes>. I'm going to pick somebody here. It's gotTA BE J. F. But this mesh be fucking awesome do <hes> I love M._J.. F- <HES> TUCK PAM or you're gonNA bring your your scarf. Oh I think it's actually in my car so I will make sure I dig it out and <hes> I definitely will bring it inside because yeah five and make pick your two for M._j.. Live from the flow for him <hes> but I'm actually excited to see Shane Douglas in a way to <hes>. I've never like really watched him when I was younger or anything like that when he was on T._v.. And everything bully he's actually link from my area. He's from New Brighton and I'm from beaver falls like their articles about him and stuff like that so I always read about him but like actually get to see him. Versus Incredible Guzzi shame dog was back Ed Donahue after years. No I think it's too it could be right though could be three years or blurring together be at least three because I've been going for almost two solid. It was a summer Barsha that it was yeah sure I think percents sure who'd he replace either Graito Herb Mike Myers it was Myers Dole had to go off show yet. You're right but I remember it was Myers because I remember soon as you said that like the link made sense because I think that was supposed to be his last W. Booking and then as he's gone in happen the good symbiotic an with France all M S and yeah. It's like a legitimate easy now the vibe this time which is super goal. Will you be doing this meeting ingredients at a dumb question. Surprisingly this time I will not be wow wow you don't really like good for almost every single one or is it. You're still kinda tapped out a little bit from it's a little bit of that primarily and then you just went down to remix on top of it yeah tighter hurting for money but don't change is a super bowl meet-and-greet. Take advantage of it. We got lucky because at the the show that he came to heated he was doing free pitchers when anybody using our Mike on whether he just didn't have anything to sell or whatever it is free pitchers and I was like I gotta do it then next up. We have the Farewell D._J.. Z. Match was last W. Match D._J.. Z. versus versus Flip Kendrick versus deranged versus Green Gold Loco. I think I'm GONNA go Gringo. How about you Cayden flow boy? I actually going to go flip this one. Wow Wow this match boy we were we were talking about her talking a little before we were recording that is kind of not saintly sucks like imagine if you had like facade in this match and and those Leninist match specially with the history of D._J.'s e an foot Kendrick. There's a lot of ways they could on with this but this match itself is and I'm height for it is going to get real dumb. There's a bunch of flips <unk> wrestler end up in your lap. Maybe two who knows how about you pam. I'M GONNA go with D._J.'s see but I kinda just want this out there. I tweeted about this the other day I just for one last time for being disease. Last show would love if traxler played gringos old music when he comes out as a mark M.. I I WANNA hear at one last time. The funny thing is i WanNa Hear D._J.'S Z's or Shimazu Ions W.. Yes like if we hear that I'll go nuts 'cause that one was probably one one of my first favorites. I forget the dudes him at the look it up but it's basically gold dust theme with a dude wrapping over it. I'll have as adult think I know. He hasn't used it and yeah basically he wants. He became D._J.'S E. He kinda stopped using it. He might have he might have had one or two shows that he did it but definitely wouldn't like when he went into full D._J.. Mode Yeah that was gone you have him. I real fast. He think we'll get that one where horn during the match yup yeah you have to you fucking have to I this is the I know. I'm not going to do the the one meet and greet for Douglas and Francine. I'm probably going to do one more pitcher not J._C.. Though because I think the one I have from with him as Turner's days and that's forever ago. Let's move on to the TAG team title match to infinity me on versus La Familia Day T- Home Lana. I'm scared scared. The La Familia de Tijuana could win but I'm just GONNA go to safe bet 'cause l._l.. To infinity beyond wins literally took what I was GonNa say oh well to infants yeah. That's definitely my pick while <hes> yeah that's a scary thought that they could would <hes> but it's not right so kidding kidding. You're going to be picking checking your favorite tag team right to inviting me on this who's twenty four t and it's enough time to stop deal with twenty four team and now love their the titles longer than that though or you say we've been dealing with since two thousand fourteen Virginia Says Twenty Four Day. It's time to stop so I just I've always said that I wanna see cloudy and Jimmy Olsen. Yes have team for a show against a cloudy some more Oregon. Is that your favorite one to yell at. He's he's just what the Hawaiian you have your handful of ones that you will yell out a lot like he's is one of them is spread banks the other one or no he was an cloudy half and I was like one of six people recognize who is many gave us just went from their earth four shows next up. We have the Twentieth Anniversary Josh Prohibition Versus. 'em Dogmatic Cross among O._J.. Pro How about you. I'm GonNa go across on this. One means a really isn't right or wrong answer. I mean well. From a win but it's you could go either way. How about you pam? I'm GonNa go does he prohibition back in the first time since absol- probably Russell Josh yes. They wrestled a bunch last year so I believe that the show speaking of Josh Intense title-match Matthew Justice versus Joshua Bishop. I'm calling it new intense champion Joshua Bishop. How about you can? I second this one. I in bishops winning the belt. How `Bout you Pam Oh boy? I think Josh wins the match but Matt Retains Some fucker he'll happen. I mean that's plausible indefinite loophole which you still means well I I did say new champion but yet that's that's that's what models champion Joshua match unless Bishop wins and you see the justice pop another match later tonight or for the show and win that that's what Cayden wants to see nine theory all right next match-up already talked about Eddie Kingston versus Nick fucking gauge. Here's the thing to these two. I feel like they lose an awful lot but no one really notice that yeah yeah at that point behind <hes>. I'M GONNA go gauge at the top one. I won't go gauge. How `bout you pay him? Oh I'm going. I'M GONNA GO EDDIE I. I I love on hate me mic N._B._K.. But I'M GONNA go with any the almost one. How are you kidding gauge all right and then last match we have the gauntlet come? We'll start with one of two picks owns that necessarily pick but who do you guys has got winning this. I'M GONNA go dominic careening. How about you kidding? I'm stick with my favorite from a couple of months ago. Justice Ruth the intense title and as I said Wins Gauntlet how about you pam I was leaning. It was a fifty fifty between dom bishop so I find hard depict the ones and probably go josh the next one doesn't necessarily a pick pick any do you think there'll be any surprises and if so who is gone let can bring bring some good surprises whether it be was that as that brings people out of the Woodward that was when we seem like facade return soon which was a big one <hes>. Sometimes you get some throwbacks whether you understand who they are not. <hes> wasn't that Wangari J. Return that was the rap show as yeah authorized show office Gary Jay's real cool cows the first time I've ever seen Nestle who knows you might even show would mind that is is Marianne Fontaine considered a surprise because he's been in thirteen straight going for the goals for those that don't know the history behind it yes and do history. Will we be ready never four nine for razor sharp. Nobody's ever ready for razor. Short will the triple h of A._I.. W ANNEX T get called up for his royal rumble moment only know is if I hear that music marking the fuck out sugars might get thrown on be something any other surprises. You guys could sorta think of like. Who would you like to see? I never I think of any high does go into it and get surprised by whoever shows off he was saying the end so crazy now people running lake on Fridays and shit. You never know who you're going to help with anymore so I'm just I'm I'm here for it. Surprised me more fun going into any expectations for surprises and whoever ended up showing up shows up I had I do have one surprise. I would love to see something we haven't got to talk about on the show number thirty I would love to hear the remix to Kanye West's monster and outcomes Josh Alexander you remember that Oh after I heard his team and I looked it up like that's my favorite version of that salt. I love it has finally given back in the states again asked her how many years yeah I was GonNa say it just all that I saw it after he posted it and it was just like own like Oh my God it's happening is happening and then I thought hey impact can you <hes> do me a favor in higher sleaziest sparks. You know we're almost how do you know what the how many more years there's two more not. It's this September really <hes> wow like ninety nine percent sure as September okay so impact wrestling higher sleaze Arc's longer wait no kit her a working visa or whatever they need kit. You impact wrestling you. Do I love you. I love you longtime. Go impact go impact. Everybody sucks impact number. One impact is vast impact impact number one odd arable. I will become a devout follower of impact wrestling and I'll start building rings just for them the <hes> I guess that pretty much wraps everything up any final thoughts are last minute blocks where we go cayden just usual social media at caviar to one. Oh six officially that is everything no longer just some things at cave. The are two one six on everything now. How about you apparently yeah? I mean honestly outpouring person you Bam <hes> so I'm pretty sure both my instagram twitter or both Hamlin Nicole. <hes> Pamila is double eight the end underscore and I see oh l. e.. <hes> follow me. If you WANNA WANNA seaside girl means catch shit wrestling to pretty much post thinking you to get a sad concert. I think so there's no other team. Oh not better. I better no one or it's vintage and curry's go. I was thinking to teach rob beyond just getting I love for taking what's the name of denness something yeah. They have changed their team name to hold on. It was good. I have to look at twitter. Real quick on violences. Forever is their new tag name that works to also very acceptable well. I'll say I mean. Do you think if we we bitch long enough. They'll change change it back to sad comp. This isn't that W._W.. Co half the time they didn't do it whenever people would bitch about name my moral that story is I haven't. I don't know if I've ever heard of a name change at anybody's but he liked and that's not even just wrestling that's outside of wrestling. Oh we're going to change the name of the quicken loans arena to the the Rockets House Yeah Rocket Mortgage Field House. It's strange but if we will start calling the queue the rock on for it weighed. They changed the name of the month ago almost yeah right around there all. I didn't even know that it's like right after mania weekend. I think Oh damn yeah didn't even know <hes> you were dying for many weeks all right. Oh my God so fucking drinks from waiting hall about Kilt Me <hes> the venue staff about killed me oxygen about kills you. Hey <music> bad more savage. Kid knows I love him. Since two thousand eleven or twelve two thousand twelve years been longtime. You're you like we've already talked about this..

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