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A bunch of kids just doing a bunch of crazy shit with Margaret. Yes all right. Large teams of children participate in head to head physical challenges summer camp on TV. Yes but it was actually technically a game show so yes okay sure so. There was a a ton of fans when we were kids. I was like Oh fuck. This'll be sell fun to be on. Yeah well they are bringing it back and no worries if you wanted to be on this show so bad. Because apparently this reboot is going to be for adults that's right Nachos y'all's grown asses so there are some new streaming implant form coming out next year called Queasy Qube Kimmy. I don't know how to pronounce a Q.. Okay IBM and I'm pretty certain. Then I've heard of this already But it seems to be like a mobile streaming platforms. Yeah I thought this was an APP. Yeah I guess so. Next year they're They're opposed to be launching. This legends of the Hidden Temple reboot rather than doing it in a studio. Apparently it's going to be set in an actual jungle. The challenges will be harder obviously And you'll get bigger and better prizes. Is anyone what the fuck you want on that. Show right in Parker like lunchbox already. At the pikes university. Wrong right you know. It all looked fun to me So this does sound a lot like Survivor or you're one of several like the challenge. It Sounds I. Yeah some Shit we've seen already but with and something I would want to do. I didn't even know why I I would. I would want to do that. I'm not going to the jungle to do this shit. I would've done it in a studio in Keith. Mosquitoes and the rest of the fluctuating. Probably GONNA be having people.

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