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Private practice for six years didn't do that kind of work but in my experience as a lawyer tells you tells me the athlete to have done a held a lot about stuff to sell for thirty two million dollars or is it a reflection of that he has very very deep pockets more than the severity of the act out i don't know anybody who in real life pays that much in a settle meant uh unless they think they're going to lose a lot more if you go to trial and have a lot more lose reputation lee and otherwise and again you know i i don't know what happened there but the three two million dollar amount is stunning large and signify something which the role of the court system and prosecutors around the country at any level an wiping out sexual harassment which you know all the mi2 stories it's not just about harvey weinstein or bill o'reilly the veil as being lifted uh on some of these situations i think it's up to everyone like any problem in society that goes on reporting them is a period of time when you know the domestic violence was under port it may still be under reported it takes men and women law enforcement politicians public figures um sometimes the medical profession depending on the issue to speak forcefully about it to to remove um you know stigma relating to it this happens the opioid crisis too and i think that the more people come forward the more people talk about it the more prosecutors take a stand up the more likely it is that we can actually have healthy good workplaces in the future prepere a former us attorney for the southern district of new york now host of the pods cast stay tuned with prepere off on cafe and wnyc studios thanks so much for coming on keep sounding good on the radio ecu brian appreciated brian lara's wnyc much more to come stay with us this is brooke gladstone you rely on wnyc for the fi there are important but to be really useful they need to be doublechecked analyzed understood it contact of course the conclusions we come king based on those facts can eat fiercely debated but as he yorkers that's what we give you listen argue and the hague could stand for what we believe him and we value the fat if you're one of the.

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