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Allen. This is a mom has a sex. Guru. That's Gillian Anderson. So much. There's even also supporting performance that the main characters the son played by Butterfield who like decides he's going to copy his mother and set up an illicit sex clinic at the high school to help all of their classmates who are you know, having various degrees of sexual dysfunction. It is very raunchy. But it's also incredibly sweet an empathetic and inciteful. I was just I had a big smile on my face for pretty much the entire run of the show. I loved it a lot Todd. It's a it's a very fun show. I probably like it quite as much as Allen. But I I really love the insoluble of teenagers. They sort of build up Gillian Anderson is who I I love her and everything, but I really liked ace Butterfield. I really liked his helper who is played by an actress named Emma Mackey. Correct me if I got that wrong, but it's a wonderful fun little show. And and I think it's an interesting look at a thing that teenagers are going through disproportionately perhaps. All right. So. Moving on you also like the show corporate which is in its second season. What is corporate about corporate is a very dark workplace drama, and I say dark more sense of the jokes are kind of bleak and making fun of America the stage of capitalism, but it has some really the joke. I always point to one from the first season that I think sort of exemplifies what the show does. Well, which is it shows all of these all steps that go into getting a piece of fruit sip on your corporate break room table, and then it watching him slowly rot away and be thrown out. And then at the end, it's repeated in reverse as a bunch of weapons are manufactured by this corporation and sent back to the country that produced the banana where there's a civil war going on that has been sort of egged on by this corporation, and that's very dark sense of humor that appeals to me. But but some people find a little off putting so it's not the office. In other words, not. But I think that it is ultimately also grounded any really rich. Understanding of character and workplace dynamics. So if you liked the office, it's worth a look. All right. Let's talk about the show. Good trouble. It's on free form, which is formerly ABC family. What is this about? I love. Good trouble. I just saw they got picked up for a second season. I could not be happier about it. It is about two sisters who moved to downtown Los Angeles and sort of have to cope with both the problems of being in their early twenties. And you know, having lots of friends around them and having lots of sexy complications from different lovers around them. But then also having to like be in the workplace for the first time and figure out how to do that. And I just stuff in this show that takes me back to when I was an intern and just screwing things up and makes me viscerally cringe. But I I really love this show, especially the mart becomes insoluble. And this is a spin off of of the fosters, right? This really wholesome show. Yeah. But it's also I think it's taking on its own tone. And if you've never seen the earlier show, you're going to be just fine. Allan talk to me about who lose pen fifteen. That's debut in at the end of this week. And I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Because the gimmick is two stars. And creators, they're both women who I think are thirty one and they're playing themselves as thirteen year olds on a show where all the other actors are actual middle schoolers, and so it seems that I like just a sketch comedy idea, and it's very superficial in that way for the first couple of episodes. But then it starts digging deeper, and it becomes both funnier and more surprising. And at times kind of sad in that way. That a lot of the great, you know, team drama. These are in a way, I was not expecting. I watched the whole season, which is all dropping at once on Hulu when I really liked it a lot. Why is it called Penn? Fifteen that is based on an old like grade school or middle school prank..

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