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Been talking about the impact that the lockdowns have been having on your children I see some with some other calls as well regarding sports and we'll get to that. Obviously a big news today was that the cleveland indians are going to be changing their name to the guardians. What a wack behind name. I i mean seriously like i mean. Good god what was that. It's it's just it's just it's just nuts to me. She's nuts to me why they would do this. Let let's go ahead. We'll take a call on this. How i'll circle back as they say i'll circle back to the issue of depression and suicide amongst our kids because i believe it's extremely important but also believe this is important. I believe this is stuff that we can't take lightly it's it it it it really bothers me. I gotta admit i was. i'm not even a cleveland. Indians indians fan. I grew up a dodgers fan. You know los angeles dodgers but i. I really thought this guy was going to stand strong but apparently the pressure just get to them. I don't know he said he had a change of heart. I see hereafter. George floyd I don't get that to be honest with you but anyway. Let's go to joshua on the line joshua you've got the mike from sacramento california. Hey i appreciate what you're talking about. Yeah i was. My frustration is is. I'm tired of individuals trying to say they're trying to do good for him to other people because they're gonna take away the braves as a good cultural thing for the individuals of whether it's indians at this particular. I think this particular case is the brains of saying. Hey this is the characteristic. That's good so let's put it on our on our brand name and put it forward now. They're going to take that away and put on the guardians. The guardians is if you if you go back to the medieval times. They're they're they're most. It's from england type of you know chancellor's the nights that were all white. They're they're changing one thing for another and they're not. They're not accomplishing what they're trying to say. And that's my frustration. Josh why appreciate the call. We're might disagree with you slightly as i do believe. They're accomplishing exactly what they would like to accomplish. The goal isn't listen. Let's just be real okay. The goal isn't the left is in trying to end. Systemic racism in america because it doesn't exist the racist trying to undermine america. The re the left is trying to remake america in their own image. And if that means you know what we just considering the cleveland indians it is it. Is it really about no. This isn't about race. This is about slapping america in the face. It's about continuing this narrative that america systemically racist were so bad. We're so evil and the people of our past were so bad and evil and races that they didn't even have enough sense to realize this was racist. The cleveland indians symbol or logo. Never mind the fact that indians some actually many quite frankly felt honored about that name felt honored that they were on the uniform. You're always going to have a vocal minority that will say otherwise. Probably being paid by. God knows whom i you know. I don't know but the goal is to undermine america. The goal is to say america bad. Here's more proof see. There is no systemic racism. So they gotta find. Cleveland indians hat. They gotta find an atlanta braves jersey. Whatever they're gonna find pretty soon. They're going to go after the show. Yeah exactly jussie juicy smell a going out to get a tuna fish tuna fish sandwich it into am to make this this hoax real that trump supporters are racist. And you get to black nigerian to attack him. I mean this stuff is just fake. This is theater that we're watching but there's a real danger to it. You may be trying to or something you democrats may think. This is a good thing but what happens. Okay think about this racism. You heard that term here. I on larryelder on larry elder's program so if you try to make us t shirt i'll see you all right so if i think. Think about what they're doing. They're erasing honestly. They're racing indians. How many kids growing up today even know what a native american is even know. Our history know about the trela tears. Listen our history is mixed with good and bad but that was to honor indians and now you erase them. You erase them honestly. I thought it was a cool thing to have them on on jersey. Will carl your cultural your culturally appropriating or whatever. The left whatever term. The left uses us. Now you don't understand you're you're you're not an native. Americans shut up little snowflake. I'm so tired of this nonsense. You better watch out chicago. White sox are gonna say you're racist you shouldn't be wearing white socks they're gonna they're cincinnati good point cincinnati reds. They're gonna this is about. This is about just continuing narrative perpetuating this narrative that america's racist and since there's no overt racism that the left can point to. They're gonna point to the cleveland indians and dogana. I gotta get. I gotta get online and buy me a ahead of nine lie all right. Jonathan jonathan from cleveland jonathan. You've got the mike how you doing. I'm doing good man. Are you in tears today. You doing all right. I'm not in tears. I'm just. I mean i i'll say i'm pissed off like a lot of clevelanders You know every all my friends everybody. I've been checking on facebook. Everybody is just like disappointed with you. Know this name. change not only is. Have the indians been the team for the last hundred five years. You know it was meant as you know is to the native americans but you know the guardians like it doesn't even sound good. It's it's it sounds a week. It sounds stupid and the local news. Here call is like they will play. Nobody interviews So-so so-called fans and they'll be like Yeah it's about time you know. I think we needed needed a name change. And then there was playing terry francona the manager going. Yeah we You know it's about time we moved on and so we can be equal representation for people of all skin callers spa and it's a. It's a baseball team in a game. We play you know. How can somebody be offended by a team. You know what. I'm offended by the new york yankees yankees term. Cordray new york yankees. I don't think any non for that man. I'm offended by the year gangs. Because i'm a daughter saying but a good car. Good costs straight from cleveland. It honestly that was a good call. Listen this is part of their heritage in cleveland and you have these you have these corporate as they come in and just say no done. They put enough pressure on the owners of the team. The owner the owner eventually caves. Oh this is the right in the moral thing to do really really. I would think the right in the moral thing to do is to say. Hey listen these were native americans. They deserve some honor. So we're going to honor them on our jerseys. We're going to honor them on our hats to make sure that they are not forgotten so now. This is racism you know. Who's going to be hurt by this in a native americans because there's going to be plenty of kids that aren't gonna know that heritage. There's going to be plenty of kids. That'll be like what what is a native american. What is an indian. The left is doing more damage than good because they fight fake wars just so they can have real feelings because they're completely empty vessels. This is carl jackson and for the great elderski. Larry elder will be back in a few. Carl jackson will be back on. The larry elder show. Larry elder here again with a message for anyone struggling with pain. Like i struggled with for years and of course i want you to know..

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