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When you're not acting on Broadway what's happening in your dating life at the moment. Oh God oh we're going right into So just talk about this. I've kind of openly embraced Pommery now okay. Which has been new and exciting. And I. I have two guys that I've been seeing One his name is Jose he's lovely. He's the most wonderful man in the world and he's a stylist. He lives here and The other guy that I'm seeing is this actor Australian actor named grant and He's in and out a lot with work and life and stuff but Yeah the the dating life has actually been pretty good. I had a really intense relationship like five or six years ago. That like N did not so great. I was I was cheated on a in a pretty bad way. It kind of turned me off to the traditional model of relationships a little bit and also You know sort of what we were talking about earlier with regard to as gay people we sort of choose the families that we have And I just realized that like my friends or so so important to me and one thing that always happened when I would be in relationships or when my friends would be in relationships is you'd meet that other person and the friends would fall by the wayside and I got really tired of that because I realized that like I have a best friend named Mika. Mika Jennings is one of the most amazing actors in the world by But I have a best friend who He's kind of my life partner. And the the one thing that differentiates us from any other couples that we just don't have sex and I sort of got tired of the idea of needing to put him underneath everyone else in my life when I need to be needing to put him underneath the men that I was dating and so I just sort of developed a mentality that like no. I think I'm going to think of my relationships as kind of like sphere and I'm sort of in the middle of that sphere and you know they're sort of dots. That are closer to me. They're dots that are farther away but we're all sort of their together and all of those relationships have. I don't WANNA say equal importance but a certain level of importance. And you know like we all do we get different things from different people and I think it's I don't want to anyone who's found a life partner anyone who's a in a monogamous relationship I don't I'm not the type of person who who can find everything that I need in one person. I'm a very needy and demanding and difficult person so I'm a lot for one people to one person to handle. I'm a lot for two people to handle as well But you know I. I don't know what it's opened up for me is the ability to recognize that. I love the way I love and I express desire and affection. The way I express it. And it's it's it's kind of like a one day at a time kind of thing where I'm just sort of like. There is no model for this. I don't you know when you when you're doing the monogamous thing. You think years ahead like. Oh we're going to grow old together and we're GONNA die together or whatever. There's no model for this so it's scary at times and it's really weird and you know every day is a conversation with both. Jose and grant trying to navigate this But you know it's exciting and it's cool and it feels like I'm sort of carving my own path in the same way that I'm covering my own career path and sort of carbon my own romantic path as well. What what did did one come? I was Jose for so doing a show. And Jose Came to see it and we ended up chatting and we started dating and So that sort of took off the way it was and then grant I Cross each other's paths a couple months later and he and I sort of started talking his situations really complicated because he's actually from Australia. I won't give away too much of his life but he's got a lot going on in his life as well. So yeah it's been this weird thing where I'm sort of just navigating it day by day and so was the idea that you monogamous relationship and tell you meg Ryan and realize you didn't know I knew when I started. I knew before I started dating Jose that I've that I've been kind of thinking this for a few years now. The sort of traditional model of relationships or at least a monogamous relationship. I think just wasn't working for me and again there's absolutely no judgments or no criticism for anyone for whom that is what they want. But it just wasn't true me and I was never really feeling fulfilled or happy That's not to say that the men that I'm seeing right now are not fulfilling me. I mean they are. That's sort of why I'm remaining open to them. But it's just a way of of not putting I don't WanNa say not putting pressure on relationships because there's certainly expectations in there is pressure on these relationships away. There is with any relationship. But it's I think it just takes a lot of the the things that I don't feel have worked for me in the passes just trying to make it work for me now and who knows I eventually. I perhaps could decide with one of them that I want to be monogamous or I could decide that relationships in general are not for me anymore at all and I'm really trying to follow whatever path going on right now. Are you sorry if I'm asking too many questions about sort of the rules but I know I always just fascinated by kind of the logistics are? Do they know each other they do not okay. And that's by design kind of by design. I mean.

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