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Experience has taught him to cherish life every day isn't this. For. This sounds like you made this up. Horseback riding in Iceland Underneath Bell Canaan. Actually came the powers of I. It was a winged horse They should been the very beginning. Yeah. I guess things like that. Probably happened in hyperion but. Nobody there you know picture overnight. Another bizarre thing he has a form of ESP okay okay. That he called hearing tones. While working with David Byrne on his film true stories, he told burn about this gift and he was inspired to write the song radiohead about him. The Band radiohead took its name from this song. Okay It's just bizarre I mean I guess? I don't even know what to about that it. All sounds made it. All sounds made up. Steve until allow ski lives in Dallas, Texas, a six foot two. It says his trademark he usually plays annoying businessmen types. That D- Heroes or villains loath to deal with. Yeah, actually a pretty accurate. Actor it's. Now that you hear a story you're like why? Are. In force flying through the air. Angle defendthem. Sounds like a fucked and something that would be tainted on a van or something and? Probably when his horse got picked up and he was thrown off the road and broke his neck is probably when he lost his ability for short term memory. As. He played Sammy Jenkins in Memento. Yeah. I'll check gladly. Clever got to the bottom of that. Creepy Body. Let me not creepy mystical. I Guess Ed two, hundred seventy some odd things man he's been around. He's done a ton. Of Work that he's done. Good Jillian right Oh. then. You know what I don't even know if I knew that was in in space balls. Young think as I've ever seen them, you know. Look like turned up on. Yourself according to celebrity's net worth Stephen? Kobetski has a net worth of one point five million dollars. It's a lot of work that. Yeah E. plays little guys. He's not a leading man he's not getting a million dollars each movie. You Bonnie. Any show now I guess they re did one day to. nope. Still on anymore I do remember hearing about that. Yeah I. Don't it's had fifty two episodes. Wash shows a much Rolo. Roll here we go. Nineteen ninety-five deed. Do we sent loom is head of the class expect. Cory stillman. Veracity what could go wrong? Steve Guy. Named Peter Scolari was in that. Court. Of course. They're just a pilot..

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