Defense Secretary, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Jail on seven hundred fifty thousand dollars bond in jail an hour for up and that's where you'll stay until ten percent opposed it are you have been dan i'm here that mcivor maybe having a little trouble raising the seventy five thousand dollars navy but once bonded posted mcivor will be brought here to the main jail he'll be fitted with an ankle monitor and placed under house away now you accused of intentionally killing his wife mcivor as good in jail in april on a bomb violation and his murder trials been delayed until march reporting live from the potent county jail richard sangster wsb a pickup truck driver expresses remorse it was his tyre that flew over the wall and georgia 400 and killed in alpha read a woman during thursday morning drive this you heard right here on wsb messierl embed because i haven't been so look as as he tells channel two action news he was on his way to work police blame mechanical failure the victim juliana she drawing leaves a husband and two daughters defense secretary james mattis demands answers after the ambush of four green berets in asia to reality is part of the danger that are faced in these counterterrorist campaign the soldiers had no air cover armored vehicles heavy weaponry or inkling isis affiliated forces would strike senate armed services committee chair john mccain threatened subpoenas if more information isn't forthcoming white house chief of staff john kelly defence president trump's call to a grieving widow in florida a few elect to call a family like this is about the most difficult thing you could imagine there's no perfect way to make that phone call these openly disappointed afford a congress on publicize the call though he did not dispute the content of what was said he says his own son who died in afghanistan knew what he was getting into president trump grades his disaster relief efforts in puerto rico a we have provided so much so fast turning to the governor he still we do a great job the governor answers you responded immediately sir the present repeats fema and first responders can't stay forever eighty percent of the island's still lacks power on the same day in different states to former president speak out about the current political climate here's one thing i know if you have to win a campaign by the.

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