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Taking all about traveling in space may not be that far out of reach Sara Barkley. Has more Virgin Galactic announced they've received FAA approval to fly passengers into space. In May, a test flight passed all the necessary flight objectives to gain that approval. The flights will achieve a speed of Mach three. Virgin Galactic will continue preparing for three more test flights. No word on when they plan to fly with passengers. A Muslim cleric with more than three million followers on Facebook and YouTube has issued a fatwa against the Facebook. Ha ha Emoji in a posted video, the cleric who goes by the name Achmad Allah says, using the emoji to mock or ridicule. Others is forbidden by Islam. I'm Scott Car and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. The House Oversight Reform Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee are opening a joint investigation into Biogen's Alzheimer's drug, a Jew helm. Lawyers say, add you Helms approval and it's $56,000 annual price Tag Warrant. Close examination. The Food and Drug Administration granted at your helm and accelerated approval this month over the objections of an advisory committee that said there was a lack of clear evidence that the drug could slow patients cognitive decline. Heather Boucher, member of the U. S. Council of Economic Advisors, says the Biden administration is optimistic about the infrastructure deal struck Thursday with a bipartisan group of senators. But the things that Democrats wanted that are missing must still be addressed. There is a two pronged strategy. So this bipartisan bill that has these core pieces that Republicans and Democrats agree are important on That.

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