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That's not true. There's been players in the past tons of on that Lavigne's shown up for games. There's been tons of players in the NFL's history held out longer than a levian bell. I can guarantee you Earl Thomas at a Seahawks ended his holdout today. Everyone thought he was going to the Cowboys that that's not happening, right? He's he's planning in Seattle. The NFL finally kicks off tomorrow night in Philly. Does with the lines slowly moving in Atlanta's direction now Phillies getting one can you believe that when it opened it was they were laying two and a half you believing types of the falcons will walk into Billy tomorrow night had opened the season with a win. Like Chris demeanor set on the show last night from six eighty the banner land he said that the falcons we're gonna win an MRI Shohei Ohtani reveals a new UCLA injury. Tommy, John surgery recommended. It is not a very that is hitting though as he homered than I have the second game in a row. Do the angels gone Otani either hitter or get the Tommy John bogus on bitching ideology last week Friday night. He was gonna pitch Sunday. And I said don't do it. He's gonna end up popping that nerve pop Inada elbow, and he'll be finished. And sure enough you remember I said it I said do not let that guy. Why would you let that guy pitch on Sunday for what reason on a visa he was out for a month? Right. Pitching's june. Okay. So he was out for two months. Three months never been to watch. And then you let him go out there and a meaningless game. When your season's over at his been over for months, and you let this guy pitch just for shots and giggles. So fans can go watch him and cheer foreign. They can do that. Watching him swinging the bat they did this to themselves. The angels have to be the most inept organization on the face of the earth to allow that guy to go out there and pitch into blow is although out if I were him I would so on and I'll tell you another thing he's going to have Tommy Janis finished for a year and a half. So why even have the surgery I would never pitch again as long as I live, and I would just be a hitter. And then what I would do is the minute. You stop being able to hit then because he's had the Tommy John. He could go pitch changes game and be a pitcher. Again, they say the guys that have the surgery are better after they have to Tommy John than they were before. So he has filthy stuff. I have never seen a guy to be. Honest with you in the last five years with more movement on his pitches. Then that guy do you remember when he was in Japan, and I was telling you I've never seen anything like it. This guy's the movement on his pitches is insane. It's like a natural movement. That's kinda like ghostly. Right. It's freaky. And I I was like this guy's a freak. You gotta get him because his stuff is filthy. So have the Tommy John come back in a few years and pitch because he can obviously pitch. Football's out of control. You have to be.

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