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For this hour of the agency and the list with some news you can abuse how 'bout this through i love this story steve bartman the fan who became the big time scapegoat after deflecting of all that might have landed in a players glove in two thousand and three now has a twenty six team championship roaring with his name on it how classy was that of the cubs to give steve bartman a ring i love it because he took so much of abuse as the the guy who interfered in screwed up the cubs which that could have happened anyway but it was such a big deal that he was getting death threats and being talked about and it was just too much so bravo bury their hatchet the cubs of one woo and move on would you paint your body oh i don't think i could find anyone in this audience that would paint their body to be real apparel early there is an art to it though in all seriousness the world body painting festival happens in southern austria it's in its 20th year so there's performance mixed in there's competitions i mean it's a big deal it's not some little slump a dinka festival we're your painting on some whiskers on your face now i mean this is full blown arts it's like mind blowing art it must take for ever apply the kind of makeup and the kind of materials that are put on some of these women that are in the show it's incredible it is a body painting festival maybe the best one i've seen i saw a bunch of of um so bunch of pictures from it and i have to tell ios really blown away by it yeah really blown away all right where we move in from here i talked about this a little bit.

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