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Which is automated clearing house and it is what people often will refer to as automated check our online chat and so all you need is people put in the transit numbers from the bottom of their check and then the money is credited to your account virtually instantly and that is the most common way that you could accept those payments and there's no cost now tell you a lot of other people with small businesses use pay pal right and i've i've looked at pay pal and the problem with them is at my and paid and larger checks and so for each transaction it might be like fifty to one hundred fifty dollars fees that they take which is credit card well actually i maybe i'm doing something wrong with them because i checked the goods and services and i send out a link that pay pal dot ni link and and it took out the three percents fee three percent which is what you'd pay if you were taking a credit card from somebody so i'm surprised by that yeah i made us have it i mean i there may be a way around it i've looked at several different things i know there's pay pal business payments but you have to have like an account with a harvest accounting software one of their partners and they don't necessarily advertise who those partners are well i'll tell you as as an alternative the ach would certainly would certainly be the easiest way for you to do it but in the case of sending money let me see here no fees and money family and friends feeder send money is a personal payment using credit card receiving money so i don't see the thing you were talking about for receiving payments that are non credit card is a business maybe i'm just missing something on the pay pal site but forgetting pay pal doing the age would avoid the fees country not just in balkany getting together with my bank and it doesn't really matter what thank it is makes no difference but i'm still thinking you're dealing with people across state lines the transaction sizes are quite large are there deals you would be more likely to make if you allow people to pay those deposits credit card that have not traditionally been a barrier and i don't know if it's just money ach ach would be.

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