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Today, I'm going to ask you to get a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen because I would like to meet you on Saturday, February ninth at the new federal restaurant in Waltham right off route one twenty eight near the market basket. Look we're going to talk that day about a spectacular European adventure. That has been planned for us by Colette travel, folks. From collect travel will be there to share details of our eleven day Danube river cruise and tour next fall that will start in Munich, Germany, tickets to Slovakia into Austria and ending up in Budapest, Hungary. It is going to be the trip of a lifetime. Here's the number to call to Irish VP for this great trip in order to just come in meet me on February ninth eight hundred five eight one eight nine four to look I'll be there. We'll have some refreshments at the federal restaurant and to be a great little meeting. The afternoon at two o'clock. Learn more about the Colette travel Danube river cruise now the federal conveniently located off route one twenty eight in Waltham as I said in the market basket plaza area. I'm so looking forward to this trip and also meeting you there are many of you who have called this program. I've got to know you buy your name, and your voice, I wanna meet you in person come on along on the trip and come onto the meeting Saturday, February ninth a two at the new federal restaurant in Waltham. Join me we will talk about the trip talk a little bit about my nightside. You meet other nightside listeners and callers Saturday, February ninth at two in the afternoon federal restaurant route one twenty eight in Waltham. Here's the number one more time eight hundred five eight one eight nine four two just RSVP. We want to know how many folks will be there. Eight hundred five eight one eight nine four two you can make reservations for yourself or others who might be interested in joining us on that trip. See you then. The news watch never stops listening to nightside with Dan Ray on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. I gave Tony from Maryland..

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