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Was a victoria newland she was assistant secretary of state and she testified that that rate the russian a cyber attack was i viewed as early as december of two thousand fifteen so the obama administration they knew that this skulduggery was going on a long beat long before anybody ran for president i like to use that word because that also happens to be the name of bug podcasts that my colleague dan climbing and i have yahoo skulduggery fathers as mentioned that as much as you can just to complete the story in late august michael banjo gets called in by susan rice the national security adviser for president obama and is told to stand down and cease work on these aggressive options that he was preparing for the president the the message was that the president didn't want to be boxed in the obama people were concerned that these options would leak and that it would bring pressure on the president to do some of what daniel was proposing and he went back to his staff and told them to cease work on it that's all laid out in russian roulette chapter fourteen were those of you who have the buck or want to get the book but michael daniel testified for the first time about this before the senate intelligence committee this week was asked about the passage in russian roulette and confirmed it as an exactly as we wrote it and said that as a result of these standout order from susan rice he put those his work on those options on the back burner now the just to be fair to everybody here the argument from the president and his defenders has been that this was that there was concern that if if the president responded along the way along the lines of what michael bania was proposing that it could set off a fullscale cyber war with the russians in which we would be even more vulnerable than they that they could take down our electrical grid for example and that would be a pretty scary products the president was i want to ask a couple of follow ups we've got some guests here that want to continue to to question you as well the the issue has been that the president obama knew about what was going on he was fearful of telling the american people for fear that he would be viewed as a democrat trying to put a thumb on the scale in the election that was another on he is blamed and he is blamed and his supporters of blamed mitch mcconnell for not agreeing to have a broader bipartisan congressional press conference announcing this this information as as did you look into that part of the i of argued that is the leader of the free world if the republicans didn't agree with you you had a responsibility to the american people to alert them now democrats don't they don't they many democrats have not bought my argument here but can you tell us anymore about about why the president just really sort of blinked at sharing this valuable information with the american people.

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