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In the early days of september gabby potatoes family started to worry about her. She and her boyfriend bryan laundry had taken a van out west earlier in the summer they wanted to hit up all the national parks and document their journey online and the trip had been going well at least from the pictures gabby instagram and the frequent calls or video chat sheet made to her mom back in new york but now it had been a few days since her mom and stepdad in new york or her dad in florida had been able to get a hold of her and sure. Sometimes when you're traveling reception is spotty. Gaby's mom had received a text that had said as much from gabby phone on august. Thirtieth according to cnn read quote no service in yosemite but the more time passed without word from gabby the less sure her family was that text even came from her at all when her mom thought back on the last time she remembered really talking to her daughter hearing her voice or seeing her face. It was the twenty third. Maybe the twenty. Four even up to the twenty fifth according to newsweek. Either way it had been too long. Something was wrong. It seems that while. They tried to reach gabby they. Were also trying to reach brian or his family. According to an interview gabby parents on fox news. Her mom tried to call and tax. Brian's mom on the ted september tenth to tell her that she was worried about the kid because she hadn't heard from them but she couldn't even get a call or text back from brian's mom and gabby dad found out he too tried to call and tax even escalating. It telling them that the next step is they. Were going to call the police. But even that didn't garner response and at that point according to reporting by michael ruiz for fox news on september tenth her father had had enough waiting and he drove to brian's family's home looking for answers as to where his daughter was now. Brian has family also live in florida and gabby was living with them. Based on the reporting we don't know what was said at the home or who he talked to and he arrived just that he got there at six thirty on the night of the tenth. And we know he didn't go inside the house but obviously because there is a report we know that at some point police were called and there was a public service incident. Report made by the next morning. Her mother and stepfather reported. Gabby missing in suffolk county. New york where they live. Police seemed to have taken the report pretty seriously. Since the same day they contacted police in northport where laundries family lived and they asked them to go down there and basically see what's up. Do a welfare check. Maybe see if they have been able to get a hold of brian. who is supposed to be with gabby. But when police down there get to the family's door. Instead of being met with another set of concerned parents they were. Hit with a bombshell i. They learned that brian. Oh he's been home for a week. He drove gaby's van back solo and arrived home on september. First this is. We're finding out on september eleventh. Though all the time her family was looking for her or trying to get in contact with him he wouldn't speak to them again. They didn't even know he was home until right now. And it's at this point. According to a cabbie's mom told fox news that they were even more certain that that august thirtieth taxed didn't come from gabby because if brian is home in florida on the first then how would that even be possible. She didn't make any mention that they were separated or that she didn't have her van. No her mom doesn't have cell phone data to show where the phone pinged from. When that text came through she assumes the fbi is looking into all of that but to her. It's obvious that it didn't come from her daughter at yosemite but if police have questions about all of this and high they have a lot of questions about all of this. No one in the family is willing to answer those questions. Because according to a quote from law enforcement to cnn the police were essentially given an attorney's number and told if you've got any questions talked to him this did not sit well with police and it certainly didn't sit well with gabby family. Police seized van from the house and found quote unquote material in there though as of this recording. We don't know exactly what that was and this is about the time that this story started hitting all of your radars a couple on a camping trip. The boyfriend comes home but for ten days doesn't mention to anyone that he came home without his girlfriend and actually according to what they were telling people just days before gabby went missing. She was his fiancee though. Gobs mom says that they broke off the engagement and decided to go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend but either way fiance or not. They were together. He claimed to have loved her and yet here he was alone refusing to talk to anyone refusing to say when he last saw gabby why he's here alone even despite pleas from her parents and they. We're just asking brian to talk. They were begging absolutely begging anyone in his family to talk as well. I mean my god they all live with gabby. Surely they cared about her well. Being why wouldn't they convinced. Brian to cooperate and was there anything that they could tell police to help. Gaby's family released a statement through their lawyer directed to bryant's family and published it in a number of outlets quote. Please if you or your family have any decency left. Please tell us where gabby is located. Tell us if we are even looking in the right place. All we want is for gabby to come home. Please help us make that happen. We haven't been able to sleep or eat. An our lives are falling. Apart and quote. The laundry's statement to the public was that they wouldn't be talking. They had nothing to add. It was essentially no comment so without getting any information from the family. Police put the pressure on a little by officially naming bryant. A person of interest on september fifteenth according to the independent. By this point the whole country is watching the case and following every single move. How could this man just not say anything. Where did you leave her. If nothing bad happened just talk. It was the not talking that people became obsessed with because they would look at her instagram and his instagram and they seemed so happy. But you know what i know. Social media is a lie it only lets. You see the shiny parts of their lives kissing on the mountains doing cartwheels on the beach. It doesn't give you insight into the real parts of a relationship. The darker parts but there are no glowing filters on police body cameras and on september sixteenth. 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