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The meantime speaking of food I could not be more thrilled to have our next guest on you guys may remember earlier this year we talked to Louise more Winnie she owns duck soup in Sudbury Massachusetts which is this great I collect Dick I kitchen store food store our jams syrups jellies just a really cool place and there was an auction for some of the neck products member neko who the great neck company Louise was the one who won the the sky bar remember the sky bar candy bar my god who they were yeah make it anymore Louise won the auction to get this guy bar even though she has no knowledge of confections are making candy bars or whatever she just thought all put in a bid because this will be fun and lo and behold she wanted well guess what we just found out this week lightening sky bar is now back in business Louise mall when he has made it and she is now selling sky bars Louise congradulations thank you this has to be a long time coming even though it isn't really that long but I'm guessing it feels like it's been forever for you you're so right I mean I didn't realize it would take so long to get all the equipment and you know selected bought delivered and it was driving me crazy I never thought it would take this long how many times between the time you won the rights to own this to sky bar into makes guy bars intent job earlier this week how many times in between that period did you say to yourself why why did I place that bid why did I do this to myself never and for one reason every single week people have called me skybox sense and I just feel so supportive and I feel like it was definitely the right thing to do I had no idea that people could feel so passionate about a candy bar can I tell you Louise I was in of all places in Louisiana I'm driving from New Orleans to Dallas we stop at this crazy candy store in the in the frog capital of the world this town in Louisiana and the guy has an old window display of old candies in in there was a a neko sky bar so I said to the guy I know you don't know what that is and you don't know the history of it but is there any way that I could buy that off of you in the jeep without missing a beat he said hell no those are like one of a kind now and so I got to talking to him I said well actually you know there's this woman and he said to me do me a favor you gotta send me one of those when she gets it because I got to have a new into old sky bar down here so people are passionate about this stuff for sure you can tell from my accent I didn't grow up here I have learned so much about and just ordinary life in Boston through listening to people stories about their association everybody has a fantastic amazing story to tell about them and skybox Louise more when he is the owner of duck soup in Sudbury and they are now manufacturing the new sky bar which is the same as the old sky bar except it's made in Sudbury not in Cambridge and then up in revere six one seven Texan insist please thank this woman for me sky bar was always a favorite of mine I can't wait to get one of the new ones people are excited Louise yes they are what has the reaction been at the store all day long since the Dever first wrote that wonderful article in The Boston Globe which is such a nice lady when she came out the stores have been packed with people and in fact we sold out that morning of our inventory one of the reasons we didn't go wholesale at the very start with because we knew we had to build inventory well we sold out of it and we've been selling online and we have and you know people have been coming in the store now they're pre ordering so we're gonna be manufacturing every day and these are going to be the freshest guy bars anyone has ever tasted love it I love now I Louise and I believe we know each other a little bit and I was recently in Sudbury so I went to our store I bought some British potato chips for my son he's a big potato chip guy Louise if you're the only store I know that I can get those ads so thank you but also I saw right next door this is where you're making the sky bar now and one of things you've done which I love is if you follow this story online or on Facebook you've you've been very open about how this is gone Louise in about some of the stumbles that you had including for time you guys couldn't figure out how to inject the filling without having the chocolate explode and you guys went through a lot of product because it wouldn't keep its shape yes yes we we did I mean there were a lot of things I didn't expect I knew one of the things are that I wanted it to be a showcase place with people because kids could come and actually see chocolate being manufactured not chocolate hand made because you can see that you know many you know seaside places but I wanted them to see a chocolate was actually made in a chocolate factory and so I have windows on three sides there's a retail component and there's a viewing when doing they made but what I didn't realize how messy it was is it a like everything you know it it all looked so simple until you actually decide to do it and then there's trouble obviously but you figure it all out when when that first one came off the line in you looked at it you realize all my god everything's word supposed to be nothing's chip nothing's broken nothing's exploded like how excited were you super excited and the the amazing thing about this journey has been every step of the way there's been something like that and I was just thrilled when we were able to do that we called the rabbi and we got kosher certified and we got that sign off from the you know board of health here to get our food license and I still I still have a hard time believing that were actually there this is real you don't say one thing you did the right thing when I was there the the person wasn't sure she said maybe in December as it made you gotta get these things ready for Christmas you guys have made it you've made the deadline and I think you're going to have a huge December because is there a stocking in Massachusetts that is hopefully Santa's listening that isn't going to have a sky bar in it I hope not I mean it's just fantastic now tell everybody for those that don't know the sky bar I guess like I'm looking at you my producer lightning is never had one so this guy bars for candy bars and one it's four little chunks of chocolate in and near each filled with something different you have a peanut butter you have a caramel you have a marshmallow when you have like a chocolate chocolate fudge describe what how do your doing knows what what you have in each of those squares so that's fantastic before I do though I just want to say that towards the end sadly substituted out their original chocolate and put in some plastics you know less expensive and chocolate which have very waxy so we went back to the great tasting chocolate that they used in the seventies so first of all the clip is phenomenal and then we've used some very special ingredients to make those centers we partnered with teddy because we wanted to be as local as possible and a number of sort of people that had worked at nickel for a long time went over and joined teddy so we got a payment from teddy and when Denver first was writing in the globe she was raving about the peanut section she was a raving about it so I know he also used fluff so we wanted to get and incorporate that in the marshmallow section from Lynn Massachusetts right again man this is fantastic all local it's all come together it just is perfect I was gonna say like I always used to feel that the neko recipe for it especially the peanut butter and the chocolate sections was a little bit off to me so Louise I'm really glad to hear you've improved the recipes and on local with that well I have to give a shout out to Jeff green who is consulting with me I couldn't have done any of this this is really the Jeff green story he's been phenomenal he was that the VP of our daily at the echo for thirty years how many Louise how many sky bars have you had since you've been producing a well I quite like chocolate check the box I would be embarrassed to tell you do you have a favorite square of the group that you're producing or do you think there I know you own it so you're gonna say they're all great but deep down do you have a favorite one well I I like them all I actually now that that going back to never again she was not keen a toll on the marshmallow one and but she said she never was it reminds me cabbage three Max that's good and that's good I'm excited about that yeah lightning shaking her head like you either love cream eggs you don't but if you love them and if yours are like cream eggs that's a good selling line Louise because I'm telling you here's my other question for it I know you got to get back to work but I I it's a recommendation for you I'm sure you've thought of this but I'm not saying you have to sell each square individually but you know you said you are the ones that popped for example I feel like you can't sell bags of marshmallow ones that chipped off for peanut butter only ones because you know you would sell a lot of those well I'm going to give a shout out to a local restaurant called the sky box in Natick who reached out to me a long time ago and said we want to be the first people to make it is that those are going all the way down to them and I'm going to you know I'm I'll find some way to sell them I'm also you know the other things we can do we actually use some of the broken ones in ice cream and they were that's the best ice cream and it tasted how bad do you want one of these right now just killing me that yeah I saw only one one Louise you you definitely have the hawk right now and you've got a awesome thing going I I don't want to do this to you but I must are you going to branch out are you going to go other confections we I want to make a pun here the sky's the limit right I love it if I talked to a year ago and said you're not gonna believe this but you're gonna be Sudbury's **** Wonka you would have laughed me out of the room right I still don't believe it it's hard to believe so if people want to get the all new sky bar where do they find well as of December seventh and everybody listening is invited we're having a big opening party for our retail store which is next to it noted that suit I will be selling individual sky bars and I have a lot of activities going on you'll be able to see them being made you know check this kind of a website for the details but not so ground launch and the bit that price would be a dollar ninety eight which is low introducing them on time what we're putting in but I wanted very much to get it back into the hands of people that love it so you know what really pushing to make sure that we can do it so that kind of money rather than making a specialty bar for more than that before that if you really.

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