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They where the celtics don't do not where the celtics don't do or they they have done recently we talking i mean star they have it on reality that warfare word i know who they start he ever seen hayward yet but you saw in cairo has a side that max deal yet so we'll see what happens but he looks like he's worth it it is a difference in that you've got a a structured salary cap so everybody knows you're gonna have to if you're going to be contender you've got to have two or three maximum contract guys this polish different and it's treated the players are treated differently here than the other team in this likeability factor emiko down at look at it who has a better chance of the four teams of becoming the next champion i'm not just looking at the calendar and when they are going to play their their playoff series the red sox red sox still in nobody's but they're not likeable it's almost as if i'm getting the feeling right now they've gone from being unlikeable i get some of that david price opening up his trap last year and saying stupid things and the stuff he did with eckersley pisses people off because the sitting there going to be a good human being first of all okay and they and they get pissed that but they usually you forget about that and you move or how would they so unlikeable win i'm telling you they have a better chance than these other teams of winning you get the bruins right now and they've been great and they're really likeable in the should be likeable they have good young kids they have a future they of veterans marchant is taking his game to the next level he's a superstar patrice bergeron his nice fair all around plural gandhi hr is playing like nobody started about sharp playing the you know like brady at advanced age to a rat i took rescue they hated earlier in the season last year they they were disappointed up now suddenly serving a phenomenal year they have a coach she was taken over that is really turned the steam around and yet you look at it and say i don't know what look at a doing a it in the.

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