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And it just when you don't know what else to do be a light that mantra like seriously like this alley. I thank you so much <laughter> for writing that you know the sound that where they come from you know. It's just at that that moment in time of year like they're going to go into deep detail about someone's. I want everyone to experience it for what it is to them. You you know what i mean. Because while it's poem the iro i want you know people to read it and have their own interpretation from their own life experiences. You know however when all feels like it's falling apart when it feels impossible to move on when in year overwhelmed when all of these things are happening and you don't know what to do don't do anything the alike uh-huh until the confusion clears until you know until clarity comes delight because we can do that we can always do that. We have the capacity to love. So is that the <hes> wow the capacity acidy love so that's all that's the that's the film it. That's the that's the few that's wow like. I <hes> i thank thank you for that reminder because you know and as we've talked about certain things and like you said being you know overwhelmed aware of being you know all these different spaces that we can get in. It's like sometimes you just forget that that that you know you have the ability to do that. Little just to just be you know and and you know well prince wh- whoa while france was the <hes> emphasis. I'll say <hes> sunrises at midnight and it wouldn't exist without him. It is not a book about france. It's my life experiences. It's about resilience yvonne ability lafontaine grieving you know reading various forms of loss empowerment sensuality <hes> above all about the power of love and you know yes. There's a section of five part section entitled interlude lewd <hes> weeping rainbow and that comes from it had been raining that day and a rainbow after he was found chemo tasty parks <hes> yeah and so but this book is this book is my creative catharsis and a portion of the poems have existed for years. I mean many of which he read. I mean he's redmond. Especially <hes> heart sick leave. It is <hes> song song venus and one third of the book is in there is like twenty eight poems. I believe <hes> and it sensual moms as poems about love and essential sensual poems and <hes> so i mean this book is this book is about a lot. There's seven different parts <hes> and and he's part five <hes> with the weaking rainbow and just real quick. Let me go after goes through because there's eighty four months total total and ju. She let me pull my own book out. A a the first part is fluidity and then you move into parts sou- which is midnight lose and there's a very short section called enters broken man and that was in regards to narcissist. I got lesson as poems about that and then you went into a senior rising part for and that's the part that i just love because there's always that rising part you know and that's and because we also we all have encounters in our life that leave us feeling you know we're an ashes but we're that's inex- rising right and then of course you mentioned the part five which is <hes> weaking rainbow. Oh and then that are what seven paul <hes> one is called for you. One is <hes> my flowers. Nother is simply entitled. <hes> <hes> weaking relondo is my love for you violets for you and flowers my garden and then part six songs <hes> and as i said the the twenty eight of the eighty three poems during the section so that's like one third of the book and then this seven part is sacred as a fair and that's one singular earth poem is stepping allie of so <hes> yeah this is yeah. No it was curious because it was really interesting because again the journey creating <hes> this book i encountered set several significant what we'll recall concussions of the heart <hes> i had several events that happen in my life..

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