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Awry you can become tim floyd they are the yup they have it this is this is borderline disaster for yesterday that the fbi they if i mean if they start lose enough that they start lose a couple more tate fbi's coming in every piece i forget do becomes yet as tim floyd and any info gettable scuffle in 2013 in tony bland was a big part of that scuffle i think there are was in battle for atlanta's they're like argun h other that's right yeah and they're talking about the you tap in he was like that guys to wake up in el paso every day i can to wake up in la uh and you know sometimes you do stuff like that it comes back to haunt you so that might be the case here for infil had that's a good guys louisiana added subtle dogma of i still think that he's going to get away as the good guy i think he may be walk away from the program due to like stress yeah that's a good call uh margaret guy so there are a lot of options uh i could have picked might bray um lost lost a ball state asanka a good guy very good guy and he is a good guy love my brave very good guy laws of all states home slash tuesday i wanna say he embraced it through tshirt tuesday amid a guy loves it a lot of fun he's a my is the only guy with do connections that the tate actually likes that's that's how you know would in in its peak i mean it doesn't really have do canadian he as tend to get joe duke is i gotta mick cronin was ignored choice i had him he's another one that may be dq from the good guy he's definitely dq from the again summit take him out in an odd richer pitino had my on uh but he sort of governance spitfire that i thought asset richer patino there's no way he's at the good guys to.

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