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I am here again with you. For this episode of madness to magic. I'm with crazy love story and i'm so glad that you decided to join us today because today we have a very special guest a a very special friend. Joanna and i am going to let her introduce herself because i will most likely mess it up and she's important to mess it up. Yep so joining you wanna say hello and let people know who you are. Hi <hes> i'm joanna <hes> when when people ask i usually say that i am a lifelong christina percentage elliott resident and i am a mother of two and wife of one and i have been a founding member and president of the friends of rock even four about five over six years now awesome and and that's good that you are the wife of one because there will be a whole different packing strike so with korea right exactly so you have been the leader the spear header spirit move or the spirit of of the effort towards rock avon. Can you explain a little bit about what rock haven is. The listeners rock haven is a beautiful spot not in vertigo city where once upon a time a woman came out and deciding to do something different to give women <hes> safe care for for mild mental and nervous issues in a home like setting in one thousand nine hundred she came out she found the the beautiful mountains and into the beautiful oak trees and a beautiful building to be able to keep them in her idea after working for about twenty years or so in mental health both going from world war one out to patent out to l._a. County hospital and seeing all the different ways that mental patients retreated after particularly women that she needed to do something different and she had learned about cottage care sushi knew that if you give them dignified treatment and a homelike setting things are going to be different she had watched <hes> an even had in her care. Some women who were put away for for virtually no reason and if they were put into the system they would disappear they would be drugged. They would be locked away for unknown amounts of time and her focus was on getting out getting active and getting home <hes> so i'm gonna ask that we rewind just a little bit and <hes> part of the reason that i have joanna here is because i love to binge watch tv and one of the programs out right now is called hearts and it's could you know why they weren't. We're not even hiding this anymore. Destroyed an author on out there well apparently during this timeframe turn of the century. <hes> women had two choices right so they were either married or they became harlot. So i mean that was kind of it or you know you were around the street. That's kind of how they portray. Trey this whole kind of series and so they show you a family to a couple different families who really going to the business of being harlot s- <hes> and by that we mean prostitution right so <hes> what did they used to calm brothels and the reason that you really came to mind had nothing nothing to do with prostitution or as beautiful as you are on and you look awesome when you wear those period thesis whenever we have those kind of <hes> events but the reason is because one of the characters who is not a particularly kind person was recess is getting better and better as you should watch this. You can come to mind because right now not not that. She reminds me of you but she was put in a a hell hole. That's what i'm calling. We're and called mentally ill by her son and right now they're going through what happens to people in those environments what they used to do <hes> to people mostly the women who were deemed mentally ill so one. We're talking about rock haven in your work with it so first off the the woman men who actually created rock even her name was agnes. Richards agnes richards and she was actually if i remember correctly a nurse yes. They are an ah okay. She became an r._n. And what were the kinds of things that she saw you kind of lewd to them but will the things that she experienced against as an r._n. For women for people with mental illness can you talk a little bit about before. She started rocky right. Well it most of that. I can only imagine <hes> because she never worked in a while. I guess she did she worked in hastings nebraska hospital for the chronic insane in during world war one she work with the red cross and that would be the guys that came back with what they called. Shell shock give give him a shot of whiskey and send them back out again. They had no idea what was really happening to the minds of these people so she'll like today with most medic stress crowder yeah okay then she comes out to to patent this. The stories that i hear like raucous rock haven actually had a woman who was put in there because she was going through menopause her her husband said she wasn't acting like herself and therefore she needed to be put away put a way now. Fortunately they chose a lovely place for her to be put if he had put her anyplace else. I mean it's ridiculous that new for some reason he didn't think that she could function <music> outside of a hospital just because she's going through menopause won't even inherits in that day one of the younger girls who's in the mental facility <hes> she was put in there by her stepfather because she was caught having sex in the stables with a stable boy now and so there were all sorts of reasons women didn't have a voice at all right now so so go ahead so she experienced all of this yeah well she but but this sort of thing that continues to go on yes i heard about a story in the fifties or sixties where young girl got pregnant and they didn't send her to a camp for young mothers they sent her to a sanitarium to give birth to this child and wouldn't experience that would be would different place way. What a way to be treated for <hes> yeah. I don't know but there's various. There's just all kinds of stuff and then the idea like nellie bly going and getting herself locked away for several days as to find out what it was really like on the inside and she finds out that that basically everybody well. There's just so many stories polyamide the basically everybody's getting drugged the miserable place to be and that if you are not insane you're gonna go insane because of what a what miserable treatment buying but then there are the genuinely insane people that there amongst the people who are not at least not yet insane and the challenges of of having to manipulate your way around and then keep our sanity example go matt right and then of course agnes made run by women for women only think of the dangers that women were facing and i recently heard about a patient that was found to be pregnant by a caretaker gentleman who was abusing her still still the twenty first century has started stuff going on so <unk>. Agnes was was way ahead of time leah. You know she needed to do something different to give them an opportunity to to you. Recover you know not get worse. <hes> ni- go someplace terrible not be abused further and then go a step beyond that and and make it beautiful setting and treat them with dignity as her granddaughter took over and brought it further into the twentieth century to the twenty first century <hes> making certain that their hair was done that their nails were done. They were always dressed. There were always brought out to dinner. They were not allowed to just sit in a chair and watch television and this is more dementia alzheimer's by this time for the the rock even focused care and there was of course <hes> different mental issues there but mostly on aging issues issues but it would change their behavior they would feel differently out themselves because they were being treated as human beings and they were allowed outdoors. Oh yeah no. They were encouraged particularly in the beginning they that she had one of those fun things about learning more about her where she worked out at patent state hospital. They showed us where the farm was like. Oh i heard that agnes how to garden and she had chickens because the leaders were supposed to get out and have a purpose abyss they had a facilities for making their own mattresses for making their own shoes obviously for cooking and all these things that all of the the at that place patients rockin the residence where the ladies they were called. They were never called patients all these activities for them to do it made a difference in their behavior in their day to day lives and and that sort of thing so yeah well we're talking about twentieth century twenty first century so with my own mother my own sister and the places they were committed to the fact that they were allowed to just further isolate right. They were drugged up yet right right and i get it when someone is way off the deep end to even start the process of what's really wrong and you need to calm people down. I i understand the theory behind it. However the practice of just keeping people drugged up <unk> doped up unnecessarily the practice of putting people win those places without real cause right. I'm not even giving them a voice that has been going on forever and i do believe leave still to some extent continues yeah yeah i've heard of them being drugged simply because the the orderlies the caretakers didn't want to deal with them. You just drag them into two cata tony jaa and then one of the worst things that are just recently heard was up in <hes> cameo deaf children were being put in mental sanitariums and then just rode to keep them quiet yeah yankee docile yeah so yeah no it's it's twisted it's scary and sad and and part of part of why this place is such a beautiful and kind of tragic story <hes> uh-huh because <hes> because of what she was saving them from if they could and not just saving them but if i can say so so when i <hes> i stumbled onto joanna. I stumbled onto rock. Aven i think a lot of people maybe stumbled onto it and then they're like shocked at at what it is is right the historical reference but also in in taking being taken on a tour of the grounds. It's such a beautiful beautiful tranquil zen place with rose bushes and like it's so like you want to spend time there and i can only imagine in terms terms of caregiving for people with any kind of mental disorder that kind of environment is what should be preserved and encouraged encouraged and furthered verses gino turning it into a hotel surprise yet yeah and that was that was my thing as i worked to preserve this historic spot it wasn't just to keep it from being leveled and becoming housing it wasn't it wasn't even just to save the stories <hes> which is pretty much what we're gonna be coming up on our on our website is just trying to make sure that all these stories that i've learned over the years they're out there for people to read read and learn and do research and that sort of thing but it is to preserve the space itself. I'm always disappointed. When i drive up to a historical sign that says an five miles from here used to be and i would hate for anybody to pull up to the spot and he's even going to be kind of weird to go to <unk> hotel and say yeah this was a mental sanatorium but to say you know a a a woman came out and began a business for women to to give them an opportunity to be treated like human beings used to be here. You know but right now you still. There's an advertisement that that said <hes> that this was a place of rest best and rehabilitation for women suffering from overwork and exhaustion and you know we always hands when they speak. We're already for that spot..

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