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You should that should be price it maybe five percent and this is just you generic model and so what it really comes down to is like what is inflation for me. When i'm thinking about how. I would personally define inflation if i was going to try to make an in a way that you could then do the mathematics on value of everything on top of that i would say inland michael sailor and others talk about this quite a bit is. They're using the money supply. Because that's what's actually expanding the units that everybody is using. They're not using bitcoin. Ninety nine point nine percent of people were not using bitcoin to is a unit of account. So they're using these these fiat units. And when you look at that money supply growth just over the last decade. The compound annual growth rate of that is anywhere from ten to fifteen percent depending on which currency. You're actually talking about. So that's the inflation rate. Is that empty money. Supply growth the units. That are being put into the system. How their nesting theirself. Those units are nesting themselves into real estate or stocks or corn. Or whatever you name it right. It's nesting itself into those different things in in various ways and at various growth rates to represent those units that are expanding by double digits. and so. that's the thing that i think so many myths and it's such an important question in my opinion it's like the most fundamental piece of all of this is understanding. What is inflation. I used to tweet about it. All the time and i put hashtag. How do you masur. Everyone laughs at how i say that word. How do you measure inflation. Like what is inflation. Some of my ideas on what it feels to me like every administration is kicking the can down the road. There is a blinking contest between china. And the us but at some point a massive correction won't have to happen. Somehow i think so. And i think it's gonna come from energy markets. I read a great blog post. He goes by copies a hedge fund manager. I forget his name of his blog. What he wrote a great piece yesterday. Thing i'm gonna write about tonight. Is the energy crisis looming could be the next liam in moment. Where you have again. I think all of this stems from the inflation of the monetary units or the energy crisis. That were beginning to experience and will encounter were aggressively as been forward through. Time is just top down control over these markets whether it be monetary good markets which are completely centralized..

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