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Foreign isis fighters who have been found in mosul found in wreckage many of them very hungry they don't speak much arabic and says dozens of children of being pulled best deaden the raw alive from the rubble in recent days uh as iraqi forces go in to mozell many of them the children of aycell fighters who either died in suicide attacks were killed by iraqi forces and of course in the question there all people at the unicef ngos and so forth looking after these these children but you as you can imagine i imagine who would want in that he would want the children of the foreign children of parents who had come over to fight for for iin jumped in resig has every this terrible situation refugees children's joan of woman amodu i mean these children are um canas to to be moelders and they can be brought back to haze salinas adversaries lead as a similar fascinating story again coming out of mozell in in a moment which says uh the iraqi alami found arrested a woman and four children they said the woman was weighing less than forty kilos she had a fivemonthold baby two girls of three and eight years old and a fiveyearold boy and apparently this family had decided they had been tried on terrorist charges in france uh she claims that they hadn't gone to the islamic state to fight but said that the father wanted to go live in the caliphate interesting curious story that uh and then now being held in baghdad's um they're having made it very very hungry and trying to survive rule um but because there is no agreement between france and iraq is ups i'm sure what's what's going to become of them um so yeah lots of sad stories coming after mursal occurring terrorist shifts me there will have to leave a thank you very much for.

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