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I don't think we're going to get a conviction here. That person was gold to the editor, who says to me, David, I don't think this book is quite there yet. Those are such hard people to find in foreign policy everything else. I hope when presidents find them, those are the people that they hold. Onto you ever since with Trump, that the guy who, who says, sir, you're full of it gets shocked the next week. Do you think that it's possible for president like Trump to find that golden person in the form of his son-in-law? So Jared, and Donald, I'm not sure I really can get my mind inside that I think Jared Kushner is a person who sees himself as the dealmakers younger advisor, whether that dealmaker was his own father, his father in law. Somebody else. I think you just he sees himself, this tall slender, fellow whispering in the principles year. You know that's the guy to go with. I think we can get a little more out of them. The concern, I'd have with Jared Kushner is does, he know enough about the world to give that measured advice and say, sir? I'm not sure it's gonna work ser. I Bree about this guy were working with so closely in Saudi Arabia, mom and been someone. Clearly, that's not jerk Christner, clearly Trump needs somebody like that. I, I have the feeling you know what do I know? But I have the feeling that Mike Pompeo may have that ability with Trump to say, not so sure. Mr President, I pump house, a funny way. I'll say, you know, pre pre pre David David David, let me you know, sort of tried to get his point across by repetition. I can imagine him actually doing that with, with Trump. It's hard to imagine anybody else, but maybe pump air can do it, right. But, but it may be the case it sounds like the Jared Kushner might have the relationship to say the things that you need to say, but doesn't have the wherewithal to make the right recommendations, or judgments, which does it two different things. I think that's right. I think for the longest time the two of them were embattled together on the other side of the molar vestich in. Shen that produced a sort of bunker like Ben Talal at the White House with Christner driven to the same sense of embattled mothers as his boss in may be now but that pressure is reduced, there's more room to be critical to, to raise a skit skeptical voice. But again, I, there's very little evidence to me that Trump really likes that kind of criticism again, with a possible exception of Pumpido David, let me ask you this question..

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