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Will will on him on a guarantee that neither of them are. I don't think either of them will be the starting first baseman for the keys in twenty twenty one or anything like that will probably not. But yeah, I'll. I think at this point. Both will be at spring training next year. We'll see what happens just, yeah, so wouldn't even do it Burmester I think he keep them just because you don't want to sell low. What's the point of treating them now, you know, you're not gonna have any trade you forms. So I think it is bring them and I don't know. It depends. I'm, I don't let you to them. I want to be the first baseman next year because Machado at third, right? But then when you cannot gonna carry void, end burn maybe have them. You know, they have a competition in spring training for the arrest or spot. Who knows. I don't know. I, you would think maybe they keep bird them because he's a lefty. It's it is a weird situation for sure. Next one's from Mike simple where the fuck is Jacoby ellsbury. It's a great question. No, you had. The late, but like today today actually surgery. I mean, I guess, could have not had the surgery crazy is they just decided like a month ago get you're gonna lay surgery, even knowing hadn't been doing baseball seventies like Chad realized that, like I'm at the point where I don't wanna hear about..

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