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Welcome back to coast to coast and open lines. So while I've been in Saint Louis for a couple of weeks. He's talking with the Saint Louis police officer friend of mine he was telling me about this weird case he had where it was nighttime. And he saw a car that was kind of swerve e and stuff like that. So he he pulled the car over, and you know, waited for a little bit had the head is light on. It was nighttime. And the toughest job in a world is a police officer at night and many of them are listening to the show right now. They're going. Yeah. You're right on your right on so, but he got out of his car has laid on and as your vehicle. There was nobody in the car. There was no driver. He said, I couldn't believe it. He said the door never opened. I never saw the guy sneak out. I don't worry went. But there was are never saw the driver from the get-go. All I saw was a swerving car in on the first thing. I asked him was I said was a driverless car one of these electronic driverless cars, he said, no, it was an old car weird. But he gets there. He's gonna talk to the driver. Maybe the guy was drunk or something. There's nobody there talk about strange things. Let's go next to me in Midland, Texas. Welcome to the show. Hello mimi. George. It always makes me so happy to hear your voice. Well, good. Let's hope we hear it for many many years to come God willing. Me too. You're the man who with God really can't stop a powerful locomotive. Thank every day for thank God every day for another day in paradise. Although sometimes it's a while. Times. It's the twilight zone insurance. And I call because I have a little bit of history about facts on and paranormal research. All right love to hear it. Well, we may have Russia to think somewhat for the trigger that really got this going on. And it was the book I think in the late sixty that came out that was psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain, and they were so far ahead of us that it calls our military. Just start looking at it. That's right. Even though only five percent of the population actually believe anything about it or about US, and they spent a billion now a million and a half dollars to gather a bibliography of all the out there about the subjects which now I don't know how much money that would be. But quite a bit at least five times that I bet. Yeah. And they begin competing with the Russians on research. And you know, now, then we had what three and a half billion people on the planet. Now, we have seven point seven. I think I heard Coney. Yes. And the have my has a whole lot. With what's going on? There's to reality. I know in the course of your career heard has about so blow. Yup. Everything here has an imitation of spiritual. And it does create and there are a few people. I think who have mastered manifestation that they stay very quiet about it. Absolutely. And you know, we've had many guests who were in the original military program. The remote viewing program they've been. They've been on the show before that's what I met Ingo and put off and Russell Russell targ. Yes, Alice that we're all good people at chase park plaza hotel and say, oh, yeah. In that hotel still going, by the way, me still going is it still in good shape? They've they've remodeled and it's it's a old classic hotel. And it was the hotel in Saint Louis at the time. They built a whole other sense. But it's still going. And there's others a lot more. Exquisite now. But there's something about that hotel that I just loved what were you doing in Saint Louis where you living here at the time. No, I was going to workshop spirit on the body workshop that was part of the herald Sherman foundation, okay? And I went and. So many things that always wondered about and there were people that I thought is tell me and they did. And it's turned out all these years what forty forty subsidy or later, it's still a pivotal point in my life, and I met so many the ground breakers in you have not stopped since have you. Well, I mean, I had a family and one duty. But no, I mean, I studied from the time of twenty four, and I still do refer to Keppel of things that I've been given a lot of answers and. I don't know. I can tell you though, Robert Munro and the great remote viewer. Great remote. Yes. They were in a row. I mean Ingles. Little to communicate women. We're also was an astral projector to. Yes. And I mean, he caused the last workshop that I tend to and his face blowed, George. I'm not exaggerating. I mean, this this man was an incredible. I would love to have interviewed him on this program. He died before I had a chance to be by your radio. But Raymond mayday is also another incredible disease a good, man. And he's still kick him, and he was in medical school. And I saw him two years on a res- good guy too. He's got a heart heart a gold. He is wonderful person. He had I think life after life is his thesis paper that he turned into a book. Out year tape, ruffle help it off and level. Tar but mine reach boy, you know, mall. That's incredible. Well, and I got to speak with them. I mean, it was at length Ingo was very close to my aunt who was the psychiatrist who decided to spend her career investigating telepathy. And she wrote a bar. That's he communicate with people. And if you can't, you know, you're not the dollops NS. Yeah. You're right. You're right. And did you ever read her book, the my aunt's book break through the crowd? I'm not familiar with it, please if you can find. Yeah. If you can find it it's called the breakthrough to creativity. And it's about her investigation about the paranormal and telepathy in hallway all works. That sounds very mayor. And that's wonderful. I bet you've got some wonderful stories from our we used to talk in my early radio days quite a bit. And then she moved out to the Beverly Hills California area in died when a radio of all things fell in her tub. She was taking lamp she got electrocuted. That's how she died. Well, I don't I don't think she was a negative thing though. She has an thank God. She wasn't listening to my show. That's all I know. Bothered me that would have been horrible. Yes. Okay. And you keep checking in with us. Maybe we've got Tom with another text or tweet back in Los Angeles. Say Thomas terrible where the shoes listening or not that the terrible. We would have been horrible for me. She was listening to my show in that radio fell into her. Tom dies. I'm not laughing. I'm saying that would have been horrible rather than was the laughing because she still died. The point is no she died. But my point is it would have been a worse story. If if she was in the tub, relaxing listening to me in the what are you laughing about? And. This this one from Jeremy in Los Angeles. Jeremy says I'd like to know if there's a current movie out there that you could recommend in parentheses. He says so many of them are not great these days. I don't go to a lot of movies in the theater. I wait until they come out, and you can get them streamed or DVD or something DVD's. Nobody hardly gets anymore unless you want to keep this like a gift or something. Like, I've got a lot of Sinatra movies. That's kinda kick for me. You know, the recliners now. Right. But the yeah. The in the movies such act can have a little drink and everything else. Yeah. I saw on stream bohemian rhapsody. I was really not a knowledgeable about, Freddie. Mercury. Not as much as you were. But after seeing that movie man, I just I myself in the history of that guy. He was a great singer. They did a good job in that was like half of what he really was like just incredibly. And then then vice did you see that yet? I didn't see vice yet with Christian bale did a great job playing the part of Dick Cheney. So I just have to tell. So you really need to go. See the curse of leeann a-. Did you go? It's so good. It's out. And I'm not like I'm hard on. You know, what that movie will hit stream pretty soon to that? That's that's a kind of movie you to sit at home in time. Is right. I'm hard on scary movies. But this was really well done with don't tell us the ending. But was great. Yeah. What you know? The first thing that struck me about the movie in this won't give anything away is that you didn't see a lot of her at first which made you want more. It was really great. It was well done was this the movie where you kind of see some woman deformed crawling along the wooden floor. No. That's not. That's not it. Okay. I some promo in television. I thought maybe that was that. No. She was we've done shows about this person. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The crime lady. Yeah. She drowned her kids in the river, horrible Orville story. But the hallway always 'til it cuts is ready to stream that'll be out in the one another month or so that way probably Jeremy go see it now recliners you love it. So we go. Okay. Thanks next up. Let's go to Tony in Pennsylvania, east of the Rockies high tone. Hey, George nothing. Great program. Thank should you hit early. In the evening, and it was the tune in vain cafe some by Jerry Wallis. My mother loved that. On forty five and the movie had Cornell Roberts and Susan Oliver. I don't know if you remember those for now Roberts was in bonanza as well. He played Adam Cartwright, didn't he? Good Oliver who actually flew airplanes in powder puff. There. Be was a pilot, and she was an up and coming actress and she died young cancer. What was the name of the actor who played in half gun will travel, Richard something, Richard boom. That's it exactly related family like Daniel Boone, the real Daniel Boone family. That's exactly right. He was a very homely person. He also played a doctor, Dr Konrad, something or other medic. I remember all those old shows. Jeez. I love them too. Now, you you were what you were discounting hill via Brown you outed her. Yes. I did outer I did. Okay. Now. What about James von prog have you ever had him on the show? He's been on many times many times. And he seems he seems to be the real deal. I haven't I haven't trapped him in anything yet. The thing. The thing with Sylvia Brown. Tony that got me turning was that minors episode. Where she was on the air with me. And she, you know, change the story and something happened, and she just got totally wrong. And that bothered me. Okay. Now, what James on prog that you ever have a say on with him, you should try and get in touch with art bell?.

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