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Apply okay so I'm really excited because today's episode. We have Mel Robbins on the podcast today. She's a motivational speaker. which I just? I love motivational speakers. I'm a big fan of like Rachel Hollis But Mel Robbins is actually one of the biggest all time motivational speakers. And how how she's been able to basically go from nothing to you know selling out big arenas and she has that five second rule which. I'm really excited to talk about but I think a lot of it is just that motivating and I'm curious for you girls. What is one thing for you that you want to get motivated debated about like what is holding you back with making you feel stock is it? Their relationship is at work as your own thing like what. What is it for you that just because I mean I have? I'll all just say I'll start like when I'm in bed. It's I have things that I WANNA do but I don't know how to like get there and then I doubt myself a mcguire can never happened. I can't do that or very similar. I just sit in bed and then I then go on instagram. And then obviously I've talked before but I'm like Oh see. They're doing it and to doing it. Which is from my point of view? I feel like you're one of the most motivated. Humans I now like you're a hustler. You and my husband had the same business manager whenever over to our business manager. He's like refers to us just like she's Hustler Janice Hustler and I do feel not myself so I I would like to hustle without the doubt. There's nothing that let's hustle doubtless hustle. What about you less? I think I need to I want. I'm stuck in figuring out what's next for me. You know as my kids get older and require less of me and less day to day in pretty soon. We'll have a driver so that means I'm not even a taxi much anymore. You're not an UBER. So now Mike what. Oh what do I do next and with with all that I've been through in the last year I want to do something with that And figure out but in Mike you. I'm like okay. I see on instagram. All these people doing what I WANNA do. But how do I get there because well she was a chose a TV reporter before she did that. So she's got AH connections that I don't have you know so I've in so then I do nothing So I don't I don't pass. I think fear really earliest. Just what makes me just kind of paralyses me. I'm like well. I don't doubt that I could do something. Someone what else is already doing. And do it differently. 'cause I just really feel like we're pretty christ-centered household so for me. I'm just like God. There's a path and that's what you do and anything anything that's meant for. You always find you. That's kind of like go to slogan in our house it's meant for you always find you so but it is. I just have this. I sometimes sometimes. This is one thing I actually one of the questions. I wanted to ask. Miles a cow. Do you not let other people say because you can be as tough as you wanna be but and and you know like Burnett will sailly the the famous quote when you're in the arena and you play in the arena and I get all of that and I get really hyped up but then there's like one really harsh comment and that just I'm not made I don't think to be in the spotlight. So that's what's always kind of kept me from doing what I've always wanted to do. Because I can't take I could never do do what Jim does ever. Yeah I agree with that. I don't know how either because you're still human right. Yeah Yeah and no matter. How ridiculous the comment? It would be hard for me to get past passed that would for me. It would be very unmotivating. It would take all the wind out of my sails and I don't know that I would recover Probably just bag it in and I think because I know there's a lot of stuff out there right now I think Say this. It's it's hard because I've put myself in that situation to have criticism but also to be because we have been so open like for example. When I had mentioned the twenty four hour rule Last episode got slaughtered in the media. Because you know it's like so you're saying someone Oh can lie and but I I wasn't you know what I was even saying in that is when someone has a character defect of lying all the time. Sometimes they just need a space to be like. Oh crap I was like I need to go back and fix it. So that they're not scared and they don't hold onto it and they don't justify that is something that works for us but anything that I ever say or do it.

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