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At trying to convince people that Trump lied. They are so outta touch. It's breathtaking. Seven sixty WJR News, Marie Osborne at Michigan State University. Interim president John angler be out of a job that he tried free press reports the Michigan state board of trustees has asked anger to resign before. It fires 'em tomorrow morning. The paper says the board has scheduled emergency eight AM board meeting for Thursday, and at least five board members are prepared to vote to fire angler ISIS claiming responsibility for a deadly explosion that killed US service in the Syrian city of men biz today correspondent Clarice award says, there are villages that are simply level to the ground. These are the exact type of conditions that ISIS and groups like ISIS, thriving when they go underground they become an insurgency the take advantage of the power vacuum. They seize on the Malays of the people. And that's when they hit back. WJR news time to thirty one. We're gonna head out to the roads with. Yeah. Cleared up all of our earlier accidents. But we're still watching heavy traffic on the ambassador bridge heading into the United States. It's over ninety minutes for trucks over thirty minutes for cars. Please be cautious of that. No other delays in heading into Canada on the embassador bridge is free and clear. We've got some work crews on seventy five southbound between Miller road is sixty nine. If Flint the left lane blocked, they should clear at three pm this afternoon and Laura Stevens fort WJR chattanooga's.

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