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Bright lights you are under the microscope. It's almost a little bit of. You're not in canada. Obviously but it's y- they knew everything about you. Yeah it was definitely different. I think i. I was lucky enough as that's where i started. So that's all. I knew if that if that makes sense you know so Going into the league and obviously eventually becoming captain they're like i mean people ask me like what about the media attention like i didn't i didn't know anything different so i just kind of how it was and then you know so i was okay with it i. It's kinda how i grew up. You know realizing that you know everything you do and every move you make. Someone shouldn't be watching or you're gonna have media attention around you. And then i got traded to tampa remember my first game and tap on the locker room after the game and you know new york. Usually the media comes comes flying in you. Know there's fifteen twenty people cameras everything and so sitting down. There's like maybe two or three reporters no cameras. I'm like i said the is our filth below sitting next to me. I said you know big guy stuck in the elevator. Like where's the rest of the these is. This is my colleague cows. You're right. I really like the difference real quick. You know what's what's i got tampa and i think it'd be tougher to go from a team like that. You know to new york. Where when you're used to that but kinda of how i i grew up in what i do so it didn't make a difference to me well and that's the crazy thing right now with you. Look at the nhl very young league right now in these nineteen year old kids twenty year. Old kids coming into the league and they handle the media gracefully way. I mean it's it's really cool to watch How mature these kids are. And i feel like a lot of that tuesday social media aspect of. You didn't really have to worry about that when you were in new york. That's.

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