President Trump, United States, David Johnson discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


And i thought it was it's not what he should have said and the idea that the the president of the united states routinely dismisses and degrades our free press which is in fact is one of the great checks on power in this country and which doesn't exist in many parts of the world in which should i found very depressing and very saddening then next uh john kelly who sadly knows what it is to be a gold star family his son robert a marine corps lieutenant was killed in action in afghanistan in two thousand and ten and yet for all that i must say i go back to that period when david johnson the the sars and the army was killed in this year i often wondered i thought in my head i've fantasize the bono thought like what if president trump or john kelly on his own said you know what senate making a blind phone call to mrs johnson why don't we have john kelly a goldstar father go down and talk to mrs johnson a goldstar widow privately just the two of them and in my dreams are in my whatever i think i could see them embracing talking to each other crying with each other john kelly talking about his son mrs johnson talking about roseman but that didn't happen instead mr trump said words that mrs johnson found defensive i think if i summarize them they were side your husband knew what he was getting into.

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