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And they still going out and getting guys that are still young like landry who can be productive and fit into a system help you're young quarterback tyrod taylor gives you that bridge quarterback and they can't attend instead he's going to start in two thousand eighteen which oh good i mean we'll see if they stick to it because these guys are always like oh this quarterback needs to wait a year and then by week four they're throwing him in the game right i mean they did that shit with the new sat at one half a half a football because they are never mind we're ready for you to jump in right now i do like what the browns did and i like what the bears have done yeah going out and getting a quarterback into tight in really re this one's gonna surprise you i already know where you're going oh of what those niners of done you love the fact that they got rid of carlos hyde my anything i've never actively campaigned for a player to not play football before but he had nine hundred yards rushing yeah on eighty eight thousand carries ray griffin his frozen hangers ray griffin we just got darnold jefferson and jerk mckinnon there's your program three other real do this math you're averaging two point eight yards a carry man and you can drop more passes than you catch so that sarah as our intro segment a lot was going on this week and a lot of still going to happen and we have we're under fifty days to the draft so things are still going to get a little wild little crazy we see teams like buffalo positioning to trade up we now cleveland's gonna have to figure out a left tackle spot we're going to talk about that when we fix them the jets got to figure out that quarterback spotless my boy teddy they're not going to get him play before then so they're going to draft a quarterback unfortunately really bridgewater guy at all no not like you were already high on him but that was a pretty shitty quarterback class though was fourteen was pretty bad yeah i mean i have the top of my head thing who else came out it was blake bortles johnny menzel derek carr derek carr was pretty good one but even his struggled i was being sarcastic of really quarterback class aj mccarron tyler.

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