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I'm your host ed valentine. This show is coming to you on thursday as we await the giants final game of the two thousand and nineteen pre-season and we're going to talk today about about <hes> some of the the roster bubble guy some of the players tonight who who really need to have good games good efforts to <hes> to legitimize demise their shots at making the fifty three man roster and here to help us do that is the always knowledgeable always informative patricia train patty how you doing hey ed. How's it going. It's good it's good finally <hes> we have come to the end of the preseason been a long long haul all her yeah. It's been what six weeks five weeks something like that. You know time flies when you're having fun but now we're finally going to get <hes> in a couple of days. We're going to get some answers as to who's on the roster. Who's not and what does coaching staff implant coaching coaching staff plans to do moving forward. That's right the deadline for setting the initial. I won't say final because we know that that changes almost soon as it set the initial fifty three man roster deadline is saturday at four o'clock eastern time so let's talk about some of the players going into tonight's game in new england who really need to have good games in order to in order to to have a legitimate shot at making a fifty three man roster and we'll talk about offense. I and i don't know about you patty but i keep going back and forth on the whole quarterback thing and i'm just not sure how many guys they're going to keep. I've i've said all along that they're going to keep three you know but i i still think there's a possibility considering other roster needs that they'll keep to but for me the guy at at quarterback who really needs to have a good game to still convince the giants that <hes> that he deserves a roster spot is kyle lolita yeah i had been going back and forth as well with this but here's how i see it at you know the more i think about it. I think the more sense it makes for them to keep to on the roster and that'll be ally manning and daniel jones jones of course being the young guy that they're going to continue to develop and get him ready for the eventual starting assignment limit but i think they're going to try and slip kyle letta onto the practice squad so that's how they're gonna keep the three that pat shurmur generally likes to keep but you know they're going to see me. I think you're going to try and see if they can get well. Let a to the practice squad <hes> so this way they can use that extra roster spot that they a ordinarily would have given to a third quarterback at another position where they're going to probably need to carry an extra player that makes sense to me patty because they have have injuries and they have a couple of positions where they've also had guys who are are really impressive who to this point. I haven't been able to figure out how to put them on the roster but let's let's talk about <hes> another position talk about running back in the guy from me that i really like aac paul perkins but i think it's been an uphill battle for him. You know in that fight for a backup spot at running back and i'm not sure that he can win that battle even if he has a good game tonight yeah. I think the big thing with paul perkins is i don't believe he is a core special teamer dr whereas rod smith is now rod smith as we know is dealing with an abductor injury but here's the thing if it's not a serious reese injury and it doesn't look like it's a serious injury you carry the guy and and you say okay even if he's if i had deactivate him for a couple of weeks chances czar. He probably wasn't going to get any carries anyhow you figure if you know barclay's going to get the the bulk of the work at running back wayne gaughman will spell him every once in a while and you may a._c._h..

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