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What is gonna sing was thinking of pre pandemic. And now what you're going through in the shifts and that and you talking about this exploring or in finding or refining music like how do you think that's going to impact or once we get through this. How's that going to impact your music thing I don't really know that is going to impact in a way that it already. What like that that. I wasn't doing. Because i as i kind of started working on this last ep. It was sort of a a shedding of all these expectations. And and sort of rules. That you either. I place on myself arbitrarily or that. I kind of thought that the industry was placing on me. That you kind of have to fit into these boxes. Were that you kind of have to market things in very specific and try to entry ways end. Yeah so as. I worked on this record in particular it was just me being like well. What if i didn't though what would happen like what if i just made the music. I wanted to make how i wanted to make. What if i actually just committed to the ideas in the beliefs and things that i have and things that i hold to be true for myself as an artist and as a fan and lover of music. What if i did that. In the way that i made music and similarly. That's kind of what. I'm doing now in the way that i play right like i i. It's my show. it's my venue so to speak. It's my all of these things. So i don't have to think about the usual things. Okay so it's a hip hop show. So i just play that or it's a more corporate environment so i played you know more top forty stuff or whatever like i don't have to think about any of that stuff. I just get to fully. Just do what i want with the music that i believe in and and.

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