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The ex surgeon Temporal scanner Thermometer Weather Center dense fog this morning. Careful on the roads could be partly cloudy this afternoon highs in the upper fifties to mid sixties Tonight, clear early, then low clouds and fog will be back close in the forties and mid fifties and tomorrow expect similar weather High's getting up into the sixties. It's 49 degrees in Braila 51 in Lake Forest, 53 in Marina del Rey and 49 in Burbank. We lead local live from the cab by 24 hour news room. I'm Danny Max. Wait. Just writing this down and trying to write this down. Ex surgeon Temporal thermometer Weather center. Get that right, Danny. Did I get that right? He's urgent. Temporal thermometer. Whether that's a mouthful. I think it is it, isn't it? Yeah, We actually keep the weather forecast short on those specifically because I try to go a little shorter. But yes, the extra Jin temporal scanner Thermometer Weather center scanner. I even left one out. Jeez. That thing Sounds like it makes the weather All right, K f I A and 6 40 live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Good Sunday morning to you, my friend. And welcome home. I am Dean.

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