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You informed this is total information am on newsradio eleven twenty kmox now jana more exports from the new gave emw toyota's sports desk and good morning everybody murray strumming in for tom ackerman the blues closing out the month of january with three games oon whole my starting tonight with the ottawa senators and you know what blues are trying to put saturday night in their rear view mirror lord's sounds and those ones over the booze take a beating by tutor night away to hide what happened here mci odis come in with only ten wins on this season and they get their eleven th win is they handle blues their tents home loss of the year the blues in our fifteen intent on home ice that was chris curbed with the call right here in came away that five two loss to arizona did siptu well with coach mike keogh and the rest of the blues so the coach will he called on carter hutton tonight or willie cohen jake allen in the nets here's carter hutton i just expect that whoever plays we're going to give our best effort like we do every single night like we do every single day for the singles you know we're we're both team guys and we work together so whatever we go with you know a battlehardened try to get our team a chance to weigh head coach mike make that call at the morning skate and you got jane schwartz he's trying to make his return back from a broken ankle it's been six weeks since schwartz went down here's coach mike you just wanna make sure each feels comfortable medically is is cleared needs needs ready and obviously this just matter making sure that uh conditioning wise and timing wise that uh when he gets in his he's ready you know he feels ready boos and sanders tonight right here on kmox the puck drops at seven me while st louis university wealth they have a new soccer coach if cabin kayla cheese one of the buildings all time great players he's an abilities hall of fame of st louis native he was introduced yesterday as the school seventh head coach kevin kale age and the slew basketball team on a nice little role these days they've won two straight games there at shape it's raining tonight they're gonna take on.

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