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Well you know talking to you right now ryan. It sounds like you would be a really good hockey analyst and From what i understand. Is there room or is it true. You just got picked up by. Espn as a teacher analyst. can't confirm tonight that i guess you know up in spinal. Is there yet. But i've done stuff with the nhl network and i've also done stuff with nbc past year and a half now and never enjoyed it. I thought it was. It keeps me in the game talking hockey watching hockey. So i've had fun with it and You know we'll see we'll see what comes next with awesome. I know in the few conversations. United have had you've formed foundation with your wife the ryan callahan foundation. So do you want to kind of fill listeners. in a little bit about your foundation. What it's doing and how we can help. Yeah absolutely so yes. I got to tampa i six year. Deal there We knew we're going to be in tampa for a while. And my wife. And i wanted to give back and do something for the for the community there and you know my my wife lost a family member early pediatric cancer. And i just do doing work in new york with with with kids with cancer. It's something that both how near and dear to us to our hearts and so just started pretty simple and we're having Pediatric cancer families. Come to the game sitting the street. bias read. We bring a bunch of families then and then after the game they'd come down i'd sign some autographs. Take some pictures and through meeting. These families were like we. We gotta be more. These kids are amazing families. Need more you know. Money wise support So through that we. After that first year we started the ryan callahan out asia. Got you guys. Got our five at once. He three and and we expanded what we were doing and we started what we call it. The two four klopp where it's almost like a make a wish style type of thing where we were picking a family each month and sending them on vacation so place where they wanted to go for for the weekend and in our foundation kind of geared toward family unity and spending time together away from the treatment center to make me make memories. That you know are are gonna last forever that you know not necessarily..

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