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Bush was a generous and smart an amazing racist who along with her husband raised a war criminal f outta here she says the right word f outta here with your nice words now that tweet alone is terrible taste right but then you find out that this tweet is written by somebody who teaches at one of our california public universities and you're horrified try i mean just the f word alone and then you know the barbara bush statement the whole bit distasteful gary and shannon weekday mornings at ten kfi am six forty four stimulating talk two bedrooms one hundred twenty seven cats you've gotta be tough though let's say somebody's got to be worked at nine they gotta start like at seven o'clock good by oscar by max by tiger goodbye sam goodbye goodbye simba goodbye cocoa by khloe by lucy by mri by ashes by tiger bipolar spice bulky by mri by tiger by kitty by kitty one by kitty to buy kitty oscar by max by ginger ashes commute molly wants to say hi charlie tiger by bobby i look at oscar up on the graves oh goes through your favorite daisy max jasper where's trevor always over with felix come on by shooting come on tiger whereas take your four hours tim conway junior weekdays at six kfi am six forty four.

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