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Once again look who just walked through the door my god Lana del Rey was up that set up I haven't seen you in I don't know actually I have seen you I'll explain later where I bumped into you I would like I do I know this I know I feel bad I didn't say hi there was a reason I thought maybe I'm just shy I don't know with I like it I like playing in a second we got so much something bad you're doing something great it was a great that he was it was awesome you know but yeah Lana del Rey is here you think you need to know this look this building that you're in right now a lot of artists come through here at home yeah but when Lana del Rey comes through it hits like a different level people are like there if they may not look like it but they're freaking out that you're here can you can you feel this buzz going can you feel this I don't know I feel the buzz in myself I'm like where like this it's just it's just crazy here's a question that I don't I don't think you can I don't know how you would answer this but why do you think people are so in love and obsessed with you and trust me there is something different when you walk in and then with most well I think I have like and I think I have a little bit of a connection with young women in a way or women that some people might not expect or see right off the bat and I think there's like a very thoughtful group of people who are you know the kind of people who read between the lines and know that like the stuff that people put out it's not all about just rhyming words together or you know a simple melody like there's a there's an intention that comes through so I feel like it's met somewhere with a like minded soul group of people and there's a lot of lot of eclectic folks out there Shia you think but here's an example all right before I go on the radio every night I go to this there's a bar downstairs and I'm not pounding drinks you know but I go I said this bar and I drink hot tea hot tea and hunting every night really and I make yeah and I make mine I have my notes on the bar and they you know bring me T. in whatever night I do my notes on you know whoever I'm interviewing for a job so.

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