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And keeping people humans were different. We come and go sometimes. But he's not gonna leave. He said he's not gonna leave. And i believe that he's not gonna leave. I believe me even from having a good day. I love this not not in your corner but as your corner not gonna forget that and not gonna forget that or you or this conversation. Thank you for bringing it all to bear like. It's a real wonder to watch. Somebody lay their story out there in front of people and say i. It's an awfully. It's like a gift. And as how i receive it from you and i think that's how your readers are going to receive it from you and thank you for holding lantern. It's my what's dark path for a lot of my pleasure. And so i'm just i definitely in your let god be your quarter but i'm there i'm in it so really proud of you. Lonely really proud of you and so can you just really quickly tell people as we go where they can find your work where they can find you when you decide to be out there on facebook gun rumi latin but the the rallies boomy k. latin b. m. I like nancy mary. I don't say that there's gloomy. Tim dot com the website. Graham to cakes..

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