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Hospital dot com. Physicians are not employees or agents of this hospital. 1138. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Carlos Ramirez in our traffic center. Thanks so much. We'll start off on I 66 the eastbound side, the eastbound ramp that takes you onto the interlude above the beltway. Well, it can't take you onto the inner loop right now. The work zone isn't along the right hand side of the roadway on I 66 eastbound and currently the ramp is closed as you try to make your way past the beltway. So if you had it eastbound and trying to get onto the inter loop, that's four 95 northbound, you're going to need to plan for a different route. Either route 50 might be an option, route 7 or even the dullest hall road might be an option. Otherwise expect to see delays on the interloop of the beltway as well from route 50 or rather more so back from gallows road all the way up towards I 66. That's for another war crew that's only letting by a single lane there. Westbound side of 66, single lane gets by from after route 7 until just before not least street and so what happens there is as folks try to get off of the belt way on onto westbound 66, you're going to see an awful lot of delays there because, well, everybody's trying to get into that one single lane. So do be sure to be kind to one another and respect the zipper. Once you get past all of those cones on the interloop of the beltway, you've got a straight shot through Tyson up towards the American legion bridge in Maryland the westbound side of 100 is dealing with an accident scene that has all lanes closed after I 95, and because of that it looks like the ramps from 95 onto westbound 100 are currently closed, you're going to need to find an alternate route as of now the westbound side of 100 is basically jammed up from the route one intersection until just past I 95. So keep that in mind if you're trying to head westbound and may need to opt for a different route. Quick look at the bay bridge, looks like they've got two way traffic running on the eastbound span now, a slight volume delay as you approach the bridge, but nothing too serious. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is the traffic tip line. I'm Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. An isolated shower a thunderstorm on your Wednesday evening, but most of us are dry with lows in the

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