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Thank you, the speaker at this time. It's my pleasure to yield two minutes to remember the class two thousand ten now the gentleman from New York mister e gentlemen from New York is recognized for two minutes. Live house coverage on C span radio from Georgia for yielding. And I rise today. Mr Speaker in support of the underlying rule, but also in opposition to the action that is being proposed by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. But I will join them in one sentiment. I do believe there's an emergency crisis at the border. I do believe that the president given the years and decades of delegation of authority from congress to the president's office has the authority to take the action that he is taking in regards to this proposed issue at the border. But where I agree with my colleagues on the other side is that the presidential authority is something that we need to take into consideration and reform going forward it should not because be because it's president. And Trump it should not be because it was President Obama. But each and every time the executive branch uses a thirty and reaches into areas that go beyond the constitutional limits of that office. We should stand together as members of congress to exert are authorities that is why Mr Speaker, there's a bipartisan group of us working over the last few weeks and we intend to drop a resolution sometime soon. That will amend the national emergencies act to make it clear that when there's an emergency declared in this country that we speak as one nation one body here in congress with the president, and we have to affirmatively take vote here in congress go on record and not hide any longer as members of congress. We should be held accountable by putting our voting cards in that box to stand before the American people. And when a national emergency is declared by the president we have to vote whether or not guaranteed vote to see if that is something we agree with the president on that is a fundamental reform that will reestablish article one of the constitution and to my colleagues that are up today where were you when President Obama overreached in his executive office? So I ask you to remember those days and stand with us that are looking to take on the root cause of this problem. And reestablished the congressional authority that rightfully is contained under the constitution. And with that. I yield back the balance of my time gentlemen from New York yours balances time gentlemen from Georgia reserves, the balance of his time gentlewoman from California's recognized. Mr speaker. I yield two minutes to the gentlewoman from New York miss Velazquez, Joe woman from New York is recognized for two minutes. Thank you for yielding speaker. I rising support of the rule and the underlying resolution, we should be absolutely clear. There is not crisis at our border. In fact, apprehensions of illegal border crossings are at a forty year low. This is a fake emergency being used as a pretext for Donald Trump to build a monument. To hate on our southern border. But this is more than that this administration actions would do violence to our constitution on their mind. Our separation of powers and set it terrible precedent for the future. Every single member of congress, regardless of party knit to stand up and Nate their voice hurt to all my Republican colleagues who saw frequently extol the constitution's virtues. I say to you make your voice heard today now is the chance to show your true colors to defend article one and to stand up for congress constitutionally vested powers of the purse. Yes. On the rule vote. Yes. On the resolution stand up for the constitution and reject this illegal power, grab by this precedent. I yield back gentlemen from New York ios back the balance of time and the gentlewoman from California reserves the balance of time gentlemen from Georgia's recognized. Thank you, Mr Speaker. I would tell my friend from California. I do not have any further speakers remaining. And I'm prepared to close when she is. I am also prepared a close. The gentleman from Georgia recognize thank you, Mr Speaker. I'll give myself about without objection gentleman's recognized Republican rob Woodall speaker. You just heard it impassioned plea from my friends on the other side of the aisle about the important constitutional questions that are before us today about how the president's emergency declaration violated those sacred constitutional principles, candidly, I don't know if my colleagues are right or not because we've not had one legal expert come to talk about the national emergencies act. Most of us we're not in congress passed the several decades ago, but it is a delegation of thority from congress to the executive you just heard my friend from New York come to the whale and say, listen, we've been working in a bipartisan way to offer a Bill terrain in those authorities. I think that's important work. I think that's work that we ought to all be able to. I agree on we should be doing that work. I. I told you earlier Mr Speaker, the sum total of all the time this institution has spent working on these important constitutional questions is the one minute and six seconds are reading clerk Joseph spent reading us the resolution today will vote on this rule today will vote on the underlying disapproval today having never had the committees of jurisdiction. Hold even a single hearing. Now. Lest you think there's just no time in the calendar. This resolution is referred to the transportation committee on which I sit. In fact, I had to leave a transportation committee hearing in order to come up here to to do the rule today. We're working on the new green deal in transportation today. We're working on electric vehicles and how to reduce carbon emissions across the country. I'm not saying that's not important work. But I've not heard one of my colleagues talk about the dearth of electric vehicles, and how that's threatening the future of our our land. I have heard my colleagues talk about this important constitutional question that this disapproval brings before us and yet not one hearing on it. Now. Lest you think Mr Speaker that if we deal with this today, we won't deal with it again. No, no. We are going to have some hearings on this resolution win later in the week after it passes. Now, I don't know if that's a pattern that we're going to get into. I hope that it's not having had no hearings and no witnesses testify on this issue. We're going to have an appropriation subcommittee hearing later this week to talk about exactly these issues where the money's coming from what the impact of that is whether or not it's wise, we are going to have a hearing later this week in the judiciary committee talking about the national emergencies act, and whether or not it permits this kind of activity, and what kind of changes ought to be made this resolution, we'll have already been considered this vote will have already been taken. But we will eventually did around having thoughtful conversation about this. Speaker. I'll close where I began. There's more that unites us as Americans that divides us and even politics. There's more that unites this institution than divides us and making sure that sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. Only is exercising. Those authorities delegated to it by the constitution or this. Congress is a shared value. But if you listen to the debate here on the floor. From the speaker's chair you had to caution our colleagues against engaging in attacks personality against the president. We heard debate not a thoughtful constitutional principles, but of hateful administration policies. I will tell my friends. I don't believe. Those words those actions. Those efforts are going to bring us one bit closer to the shared values that we have in this institution urge my colleagues to reject the rule today. Vote against the previous questions. So that we can bring up a Bill that will save lives. This Bill will save not one life will prevent not one drug trafficker from coming into the country will protect not one migrant family. It will do nothing Mr Speaker. To solve real problems that face this country. But if we defeat the previous question, we can at least take a step a commonsense step towards doing exactly that vote. No on this rule vote. No on the previous question. And let's commit ourselves to finding a way to come together. If you believe there's more divided by the United States, these first forty five days of this session have been just perfect for you. But if you believe as I do that we can do better let today be the end of the partisan attacks like a day be the end of bringing bills to the floor designed to make a point instead of make a difference. And let's make tomorrow better with that you back bounce mytalk congressman, rob Woodall from Georgia ios backed balanced. Stan gentlewoman from California's recognized. Mr Speaker democrat Norma Torres checking the president is not an attack against the president. The facts matter. As a matter of fact, the president himself at his press conference said, and I quote, I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster..

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