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More traffic reports more often knx ten seventy newsradio temps of they are going to be back into the eighties downtown los angeles seventy seventieth along the beaches sunny skies generally across the area right now in corona sixty three agoura hills sixty four pasadena up to seventy degrees eight thirtyseven knx federal prosecutors were supposed to be meeting with adult film actress stormy daniels today but that has been put off sparta prep work for a possible grand jury appearance former us attorney harry littman says prosecutors may be wary of provoking daniels lawyer michael lava nadi they may be regarding i have an idea someone they have to think about keeping at arm's length this has now become national news and their response might be to say you know we don't want to have this interview in the glare of publicity prosecutors building a case against president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen the president again defending his immigration policies this time on the tv show that is hosted by mike huckabee said democrats fault they refused to sit down and draw an agreement that's good for security and good for everybody buddy we need meritbased immigration you know we're taking in people that will never help us as a country the president saying during a weekend campaign a person las vegas that closed strong borders new crime is the winning issue for republicans in november los angeles judge will hear more this afternoon on the immigration case brought by the against the federal prison in victorville court to order some more specific requirements around attorney access attorney michael kaufmann telling knx the hearing will determine if the plan laid out by the prison for attorney visits is what it should be the judge ordered immigration proceedings including deportations halted until detainees had an opportunity consult with attorneys or attended though your rights training meeting according to already ardor they have the right to go in there and make those stations but we want to ensure that it happens in a way that's expeditious ensure that people are advised of their rights the board of presents told can statement they were scheduling attorney meetings but did not address the issue of lack of the aclu charging hundreds of immigration detainees heavily one room to beat with lawyers and the prison plan was unacceptable bob real can't accent seventy newsradio plans are in the works to expand a facility in san diego kelly that houses immigrants who are winning corporate eating a contractor for a private prison company is applied for permits wants to add more than five hundred beds to the center of the number of people in ice custody grown by twenty percent since donald trump took office is eight thirty nine weather making things tough for the fire crews battling a series of wildfires in northern california the ponti fire in lake county destroyed twelve buildings dozen square miles burns areas that are grassy where we can use bulldozers we have some areas that really steep and rocky where we're using hand crews and we have some areas that are just intermixed homes where we're using fire engines so we're using all the tools in the toolbox on this one there are three other wildfires burning as you go from san jose up to the oregon border no injuries reported twenty two year old man who jumped into a river in california sequoia national park die trying to save a five year old boy the boy slipped into the water the ban who was with the family jumped in the boy's parents jumped in as well three nearby fishermen helped the parents and the child out of the water the park service's drowning a similar one just two weeks ago in that very same location people turn it on their taps in pasadena notice some water discoloration they're making adjustments to the supply balancing disinfectants they say it's gonna prevent bacteria from growing in the pipelines the.

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