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Is a match up nightmare. Tight end you. Have john michie from last year. He's got the opportunity to be the guy now as alabama's lead receiver. I've seen him already. In looking metrically he's been able to crush press coverage so teams are focusing on him while obama's trying to figure out who their number two receiver is. I think that bodes well but expectations are championship or bus. Todd and i think that ultimately is decided by regime. Yeah and i think that's the biggest question here. People are gonna go. No alabama's gonna be good and we say it all the time man. You do a better job than i do kind of articulating pain for alabama and eleven and one season is a disappointment so us saying that alabama is going to be good unless we're saying they're going twelve and your underperforming to market expectations and i think that's so important to try and get across to betters whether they've been doing this for twenty years or this is their first four a deep dive into college football a new legal markets that fan duel has enter you have defined teams where the market disagrees with your sentiment saying alabama and clemson are good is one thing but if the market is three to five points higher in them there's going to be valued going against them and when you look at alabama this year pain early on if bryce young has some issues or concerns i mean defensively bannon may have to raise its level of play because they haven't had a top ten rush defense in tuscaloosa since two thousand seventeen but they haven't needed it when you have quarterback pedigree liked to a handing off to matt jones and some of the receivers but defensively this may be a return to more normal see on this side of the ball but let's be honest if there's one question i have about this alabama coaching staff. It's not o'brien and marrone on the offensive side. Let's see what we can get out of. Pete golding defensive coordinator with a ton of four and five star recruits led by linebacking core. That should be absolutely stacked. It's really eerie. That we have not talked about any of this. We did not exchange notes. Neither of us put together a template for what we were going to be talking about. But we're on the same page because if there is a dip offensively alabama's defense is going to have to be a little bit more dominant to carry the tide. This is year three for pete. Golding alabama's d. c. There is varying degrees of good for alabama's defense but pete hasn't put together an elite defense. That can just carry. Bama to a title like we've seen during saban's tenure some years and that's partly because how the games played now and it's partly because p golden and if you look at the epa numbers alabama finished seventy fifth last year outside the top twenty five and success rate allow. All we hear is how dominant alabama's defense is in the trenches and how they recruit nothing before and five star monsters that crush at the point of attacking her grown men playing against kids. Alabama got pushed around last year to your point outside the top fifty five in line yards outside the top eighty and stuff rate gave up four hundred yards of offense four times now. I do think this bama defense might actually have more talent than last year guys that contributed as freshmen sophomores looked to have more potential than some of the guys that left last year will anderson. The five star freshman in shortened. Offseason was top ten in the country and pressuring sixty pressures as a true freshman. that's nuts. he has potential to be alabama's best offensive. Lineman since clinton williams. Josh job is an island type corner that loves depress. You'll out a lower passer rating when targeted than the ninth pick in the nfl draft patrick's retain last year malachi more in jordan battle performed. I thought extremely well as underclassmen. You have a true freshman this year and the names going to be a all over the place names kool-aid he's an early in raleigh all signs point to him starting at corner. You had a pick in the spring game so there's more young talent that shone it can produce and be elite than i've seen in recent seasons. The question is can the young guys. Put it all together and churn out a better season to make up for the dip. Offensively and and i won't lie in you. Hit perfectly as we segue.

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