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Saying a Beatles on. But it's just a way that that again in a very aspirational uplifting sort of tonality. I thought that would be really a good song to put out there. Because The Rain's getting in, but we're fixing this home, you know? Do not despair, you know? You know, it's funny. I saw a McCartney probably MS maybe 2002 or three, one of the times. At the very beginning of the set after a couple songs, a big hole in the stage opens and the piano comes up similar to the one behind you. And he was walking back in soaking in the cheers and he didn't see the whole opening up. I saw it on you. Yes, and I was right like, bird's eye view. Of course, there's 20,000 people and I'm chatting, Paul. Turn around. Of course he's not going to hear me. And he does fall on top of the piano. Then he raises the thumbs up, they bring him up, they bring the thing up and he said, you know, wasn't paying attention. I was too busy looking at some birds in the front row. Typical Paul. And then he says we're gonna change the set list this next song is called fixing a hole. Oh, that's cool. Have you ever played with Paul or Matt Paul at all? I've seen Paul and I've met Paul. So wings in the day. And then I saw Paul show about three more times and met him a few times. I got to introduce him to N one time. Oh, that's cool. He's just who exactly you want him to be. He's gracious. He's a wink and a nudge. You know, it's a thumbs up guy. You know, he's a piece. Yeah. You know, he's just the beetle you want him to be. Did you see the documentary yet? Rick Rubin? Everybody has been telling me about this and I haven't seen this on my list. I heard it's just a blow away. Three two one, yeah, it's called in a song Hulu. It's insane. It's 1 million drills beyond thrills. And they're separating tracks and they're listening to parts. He's talking.

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